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Types De Poker

Poker is one of the most popular casino games, throughout its history, poker has undergone many changes and now you can find different types of online poker, similar and at the same time very different. Some of them are known worldwide and are offered by many poker rooms for online game. The modification you choose depends on individual preferences, but we will help you discover the most interesting games and tell you about all types of poker and their rules so that you can play online.
There are hundreds of different variants of poker. Of course, we will not consider them all in this article, but we will analyze the most popular. In this article, we present the different types of poker that exist. Read rather!

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The different types of poker you can experiment

Poker is one of Casino games The most popular, in terms of poker, there are a multitude of game options such as Stud games, drawing games, community card games and mixed poker games.

Stud games

The stud is a variant of poker where one of the cards is open while the other is closed. However, all of the cards is a private character. In a Stud game, each player generally receives between 5 and 7 cards. We can thus distinguish, the 5 cards studded still designated "Cincinnati kidAnd the 7 cards studs. Players are called upon to form the best combination. The stud is most often played in cash games.

The draw games are specially intended for improving the players' hand. Here, each participant can exchange up to 3 cards.

Community card games

These are the types of poker where the distributed cards are partially private and closed, but also partially common (open). However, in order to achieve their goal, that of composing a poker hand Winner, players only use the common cards, knowing that other bettors around the table have the opportunity to play against them. Hence the expression "community cards".

Mixed poker games

Increasingly popular, mixed poker games represent an exciting way to live your poker passion. However, behind its highly fun character, this types of poker, like all the others, remains in the category of games of chance. This assumes that by experimenting with it, you can go through all the emotions. The peculiarity of mixed poker games lies in the combination they offer, a multitude of variants in a unique game. Among other things, we can distinguish 8 games mix, H.O.S.E, 10 game mix, Omaha High/Low Mixed, H.O.R.S.E and Hold’em Mixed.

Description of different types of poker

You will find in the following lines, the types of poker you will meet during your fun career. Most of them are available in The best online casinos.

Texas Hold’Em

More popular than any other typology of poker, Texas Hold’em is also one of the simplest to apprehend. He is in particular, present in the World Series of Poker. In a part of Texas Hold’Em, two closed cards are distributed to players. Regarding the auctions, for a first round, it is the third player positioned on the left of the dealer who must decide first. Clearly, it is the one on the left of the big blind. At this point, you have the possibility of relaunching, going to bed or calling the amount of the latter. A hidden face card is then, "burned" and the dealer deposits on the table three open common cards. A new auction can now be done by starting with the little blind. Subsequently, a new closed map is burned by the donor before the distribution of a fourth and a fifth common card. The players proceed, between these two distributions, to the bets.

Double Hold’Em

The rules of the double hold’m are not very different from those of its counterpart in Texas. The same principles are used, with the only difference that here, the game is played in two lines.

You do not understand ? Very simple ! In Texas, the dealer or the dealer has only one line of five cards, while at double, it rather in shapes two.

Royal Hold’Em

It is a fairly recent variant of Texas. If you are tired of receiving only low cards, like in Texas Hold’em, then this variant is the game you need.

The Royal is quite special. With this variant, the game is played out, not with fifty-two cards, but twenty, and the game mode is mainly limited.

Otherwise, the rules are similar to those of Texas, that is to say a combination of five winning cards.

However, the winning cards here are around 10 at AS. You do not understand ? This simply means that all the cards below 10 are eliminated or excluded from the game, and those kept go from 10 to AS.

In addition, in the Royal, the number of players cannot exceed six. So, prepare to face your opponents!


It is a variant of poker derived from Texas Hold’em and having a rather aggressive connotation. As for its rules, at the start of the game, each of the players receive 4 closed cards. But, they should only play with 2 of these cards. An additional distribution of 3 common cards is then made. In this type of poker, participants will have to constitute the best combination of 5 cards using all the cards except 2 of them. Note that the Omaha can involve up to 10 players.

Criss Cross Poker et Double Cross Poker

Also created from Texas Hold’em, Criss Cross Poker stands out for the number of cards distributed to players: 8. It can also be played with jokers. At the start of the game, players must place their antes in the dedicated pot before the dealer distributes cards. They are hidden from the front and each must receive 5. The next step will consist in the realization of the first auction. The bets will be opened by the player installed on the left of the dealer. Five new hidden face cards must then be placed on the table by the latter. These community cards are intended to be used by players for the creation of a winning hand. They must then be returned one by one with an auction between each reversal.

High-show variant of Criss Cross Poker, the double cross poker is played with 7 cards per player. The goal here is to form the best high or low hand. Like the Criss Cross Poker, this typology of poker can involve jokers. The game begins with the placement of the antes by the players. After that, 4 cards facing hidden are distributed to them by the dealer. However, players can only use 2 of these cards for the composition of their hand. The double cross poker takes place thereafter, in the same way as the Criss Cross Poker.

5 Card Draw

In a game of Five Cards Poker, the players each receive, as the name of this poker form, 5 cards. Following this distribution, an auction is done and it is the player placed to the left of the big blind that begins. Once the bets are made, the game participants have the opportunity to exchange up to 3 cards. There follows a new auction. At the end of this last round, the player with the best hand wins the game.

7 Card Stud

In this game, the dealer attributes to each of the bettors, in total 7 cards. Precisely, the latter successively receive between the auctions, 3 cards including one open and 2 closed, 3 open cards and a closed. However, players should only constitute their hand with 5 cards. The 7 Card Stud can be played in high/low mode and low -hand mode.

3 cards poker

This is one of the most popular variants of poker. Simple to play, it aims, the composition of a winning hand with 3 cards in order to beat the donor; Hence his name. The part begins with the realization of the antes (puts). Three cards facing hidden are then distributed to players. After this stage, the player can decide to go. Otherwise, to continue the game, he must bet again. You can know more about this game in our Detailed 3 cards poker guide.

High/Low Chicago

Popular Stud Games, High and Low Chicago use 7 cards and a pot that is shared between these two modes. If the High Chicago represents the highest hand, the Low Chicago is played with the lowest hand.

Caribbean poker

An interesting variety of card games against the dealer is the poker of the Caribbean. This is one of the most common varieties of poker in which the game is played against the casino represented by the dealer.
The game is played with a standard game of fifty-two cards without jokers (except in special cases) on a poker table with special markings. The game is played against the dealer, so the goal of the game is to get a poker hand greater than that of the dealer or to win if the dealer does not have a minimum combination. the Caribbean poker At a slow pace combined with an exciting process that makes it very popular.

Follow The Queen

Like the 7 Card Stud here to win the bet, you have to get the best hand with 5 cards. But, unlike this poker variant, part of Follow The Queen, involves jokers represented by queens and cards. A lady must be returned so that there is a joker in one hand.


Razz also a variant of poker. Like the seven cards studs, the one that starts putting in the game is the one that has the weakest card.

To start, each player receives two closed cards and an open card, then three open cards and a closed card.

Razz does not win by having the strongest cards; it's quite the opposite. Indeed, the best winning combination is the one that has five different cards, as low as possible. You should also know that in Razz, suites and colors do not count.

billabong et Shuhai

The Billabong is a variant of poker borrowed from both the Stud Poker and the Texas Hold’em. At the start of the game, 7 cards are distributed to players. These include 3 hidden cards, 4 closed cards and a visible map. Following a first auction, a distribution of 3 common cards is made before the production of new auctions. You then have the possibility of staying in the game or going to bed. For the rest, we will witness two distributions of a common map and also two auction towers. As for Shanghai, it is also a variant of the Hold’em. Initially, 3 cards up and a downstream card are distributed to players. There follows a first auction. After 2 distributions of 2 common cards and 2 other auction laps, a final common card will be awarded to the table for the last auctions.

Poker putting systems

  • To mise can limit: You have the possibility of choosing how much bet, but this bet is restricted to the value of the pot. It is much more used at Omaha Poker.
  • Mise no limit: We all know her, she is used for Texas Hold’em. It is between the last requested bet and the big blind. However, you should take care not to exceed your carpet.
  • Limit put: This is the classic poker, even historical. At the start of the auctions, the bet is low, while it is high for the auction towers, at the end of the game.

Poker game modes

  • Le mode High/Low : It’s a combination of high and low modes. This means that the victory goes to the player who has the strongest combination and the weakest one. The gain is thus shared between the two winners.
  • Le mode High : Here, the winner is the one who wins the strongest combination. This is the classic game mode, which is used most of the time.
  • Le mode Low : The winner is the one who has the weakest card hand.

Some terms belonging to the poker glossary

Here are some of the most commonly used terms in poker games:

Ante : Put that the bettor must place as part of a table game before the distribution of the cards.

Blinds : Mandatory puts placed by one or more players around a table before the cards are distributed. There are 2 in Hold’em knowing that they are designated by the term "Bring-in" in other variants.

Call : Willingness to match the amount raised after the placement of a new bet.

Check : Option available to the player when he decides not to restart after the observation that no new bet was placed.

Raise : Term meaning increase, raise a bet.

Zoom on the video poker

Appeared in the 70s, video poker is a casino game that results from a combination of the slot machine and poker. This is clear, a poker game that is played on a machine. However, unlike standard poker, he opposes the player to the computer. A part of Video Poker Starts with the distribution of 5 cards to the player, knowing that the latter has the possibility of replacing them. The goal is to build a good hand to win. There are a multitude of poker variants including the Wild Deuces, the Gold Jacks and the Double Bonus.

Live Video Dealer

Live Video Dealer is a game mode that allows you to face a live deck in an online table game. It guarantees the player, ultra-realistic conditions with high quality streaming. This game mode is, therefore, clearly different from video poker which represents a typology of casino games. Accessible also, in the Live Casino, the live video dealer is not available on the video poker.


Unmissable in the world of gambling, poker is a card game that is worth it to be discovered and above all to be experienced. Make sure to read Poker advice And also guides, which can help you better understand the game and help you win. There is a wide variety of games and typologies from poker more exciting than others. In any case, the player's goal remains the same: compose the best hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game.

It is a type of poker where the distributed cards are partially private and closed, but also partially common (open).

The poker is played around a table against several players while the video poker is played on a machine and opposes the player to the computer.