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Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is probably one of the most popular among All bonuses that online casinos offer. Whatever its form, it indeed offers you a superb possibility of playing ever more! Bonus without deposit, free towers, cashback, combined bonuses, cash match bonus, make your own bonus ... The list is long and thanks to your welcome bonus, you can test almost all of the games offered by betting with the money offered By online casino.

Gambling Sites US with the best welcome bonuses 2022

#CasinobonusNoteTo visit
1 Welcome Bonus 120% to the height of 1200$ To playTortuga Casino Revue
2 Welcome Bonus 400% up to 1200$ To playDivas Luck Casino Revue
3 Welcome Bonus 100% up to 3000$ et 100 Free towers To playPlayRegal Casino Revue
4 Welcome bonus until 450% + 30 Free towers To playSlottica Casino Revue
5 Welcome Bonus 125% until 2250$ + 100 Free towers To playVEGASPLUS CASINO Review
6 Welcome bonus until 400$ To playRuby Vegas Casino Revue
7 Welcome Bonus 550% until 1500$ To play4Kasino Revue
8 Welcome Bonus 150% until 2500$ + 100 Free towers To playMachance Casino Revue
9 Welcome Bonus 100% until 750$ + 200 Free towers To playBoomerang Casino Revue
10 Bonus without deposit 10 FS + deposit bonus 1000$ + 125 Free towers To playHaz Casino Revue

What is a welcome bonus?

The big difference between virtual casinos and land casinos relates to the fact that the former grant many bonuses to attract more players. Of all these offers, the welcome bonus is undoubtedly the one that bettors love the most. It allows you to optimize your earnings and enjoy the game longer.

The welcome bonus is generally a gift in the form of money offered by the house to new players. The latter receive it after registering on the site of a casino and after having made a first deposit.

What is a Bonus online casino?

A welcome bonus casino is an online game site that grants a bonus with or without deposit condition to each new player to welcome him.

Almost all online betting platforms offer this type of bonus. It must be said that it has become an excellent way for them to face the competition that stormed this industry.

Very often, this bonus is credited in the player's account once he made his first deposit. However, there is also a without deposit bonus to which you can aspire if you have not planned to make a deposit after your registration.

Indeed, welcome bonuses have different forms and they depend entirely on what the casino offers. There is no particular rule as to how a welcome bonus is granted, although many casinos use the same formula.

Why is it important?

Whether you are a new player who takes his first steps in the world of online game or that you are already an experienced player ... The welcome bonuses offered by casinos are always a good way to familiarize themselves with Ces-Derniers.

In addition, creating a bankroll can take a long time and require a lot of patience. However, this is practical when a casino is ready to offer a nice welcome bonus or a welcome pack to help you start. These bonuses can double or even triple the initial deposit that you intend to do, which can be a good boost to your bankroll.

Finally, a welcome bonus is the first impression that a new player gets an e-casino. It will help you identify the best online casinos.

The different types of welcome bonuses

Online casinos use many kinds of bonuses to attract more players to their sites. Some of these bonuses are accompanied by deposit requirements, while others allow you to withdraw money from your account after having placed a defined number of bets. Here are some most popular welcome types of welcome bonuses.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is a reward that you get after having a real money deposit on your casino. This concretely means that you will receive a certain percentage of the money you have deposited as a bet. Most sites offer a 100 % deposit bonus with a maximum of 100 to 200 euros.

For example, if you choose to make a first deposit of 100 euros with a 100 %deposit bonus, you will get a total of 200 euros to start your bet online.

Bonus without deposit

Many people think the Bonus without deposit is the best that can be offered by an online casino. As its name suggests, you will get a bonus without deposit when you open an account on a casino and not after your first deposit. This is advantageous if you want to discover the casino and what it has to offer before depositing money on your account. As a rule, in a without deposit bonus, you will receive 5 euros from the start, but some casinos offer up to 20 euros with this type of bonus.

Free spins or towers

The Free towers Be among the welcome bonuses you will get after registration on a new casino. These can be granted with or without deposit condition.

Even if it is not a sum of money which is given to you in one or the other case, this type of bonus is still very interesting. Indeed, they will allow you to consult the free slot machines Or video slots using your free spins to play rather than your own money.

Charging bonus

If you are looking for an online casino that rewards you each time you make a deposit, then you should search for one that offers charging bonuses.

A charging bonus is very similar to a deposit bonus, but instead of simply obtaining the bonus when you make your initial deposit, you will receive it every time you make a deposit.

As a rule, a casino will offer charging bonuses for the first five deposits on your account. For example, you could get up to 1,500 euros in the form of charging bonuses on the first three deposits you make!

Bonus cashback

Cashback bonuses are quite rare, but if you find them, you should jump on it. Rather than giving you bonus money or free towers, in a cashback bonus, you will receive a cashback on the losses you have accumulated during your first week of play at the casino.

The cashback bonus is ideal for big players, because if it happens that luck is not on their side, they will be able to recover part of the money they have lost.

Bonus cash match

The cash match is one of the bonuses that the online casinos offer most. By taking a tour of the various betting sites, you will notice that most of them offer a free "xxx%" bonus.

In reality, this bonus is not completely free. You will have to make a deposit in the majority of cases before benefiting from benefiting from it. As for the amount to be deposited, it depends entirely on you. Nevertheless, by depositing more money, as much as your bonus will be more interesting.

Also, it should be noted that the margin of this bonus varies from one platform to another. A casino can offer you a 100% cash match bonus while another offer up to 200%.

Make Your Own Bonus

Access to this bonus depends on the amount you will deposit on your casinos account. To trigger it, you must effect a minimum deposit. When this is the case, the house then gives you credit (free money) that you should use in a well -defined period of time.

This credit, you should use it in the best way because the money earned during this period will automatically come back. It will actually be, your welcome bonus.

However, if you are missing and that you can win no gain, you can console yourself with a consolation lot that most virtual casinos generally put back.

Bonus mobile

This bonus corresponds to a percentage attributed by a Casino Mobile On the deposit of the player. Most mobile casinos offer a bonus corresponding to 100%. To put it simply, with this type of bonus, you can play with double the amount of your initial deposit. You will then have the possibility of using your deposit bonus to play your favorite mobile casino games.

Bonus live

The Live bonus is a bonus found on live casinos. It is generally offered by these casinos to new players to welcome them. The latter in turn will be able to use it to play their favorite table games live.

Like the classic registration bonuses, the Live bonus is often granted according to the amount of the deposit made by the player, and it cannot exceed a certain threshold. However, the amount of this bonus may vary from one operator to another. But in most cases, it doubles your bankroll up to 100 euros, and sometimes even more.

How to find the best welcome bonus?

Since nowadays the choice of online casinos, and therefore bonuses, is large, finding the best casino with the best offers can sometimes be a difficult task. Therefore, make sure you investigate each casino before examining the bonuses closer. Don't be satisfied with the first come!

Compare the proposed bonus percentage

Once you have chosen an online casino, you must check the percentage of bonus offered and compare it to those of several other casinos before registering. Another thing you have to be careful is the maximum amount that will be credited in your account once you have made a deposit. Add to that, the information about the maximum bet you can make using your bonus.

But that's not all. Another important element to check when choosing the casino bonuses is the minimum amount of the deposit. Always make sure to know what is this amount, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Read well the terms and general conditions of the bonus

Knowledge of the general conditions of the bonus is essential, so make sure you read them well before choosing. It is in the different lines of these conditions that you will find in particular all the necessary information on the ins and outs of a bonus: the Conditions of putting that you must fill, the games associated with it (in the conditions of bet), for how many days you will have to respect them…. In most cases, this eligibility comes down to 7 days, but this period can go beyond. Again, the golden rule is to read them well.

How to claim your welcome bonus casino?

Before you can claim a welcome bonus, you must first look for, choose and then register on the casino that suits you best.

Once it is done, then check how the casino manages its promotions, because it can be done through bonus codes or they can be claimed automatically.

After learning about all of this, you must access the Casino "Caisse" section from your account. From there, you can then claim your bonus using the bonus code once the minimum deposit has been required. However, if there is no option visible in the "cashier" section, you will probably have to send this code to the casino assistance team.

When obtaining a bonus requires it, the code must be displayed in a clearly visible place. On the other hand, if the bonus does not require any code to trigger, then it will generally happen automatically. However, you may be asked to customer support for this purpose once the deposit has been made.

Relating to welcome bonuses, the first deposit is generally between 10 and 25 credits. But this may vary from one online casino to another, hence the interest of reading the general conditions of bonuses upstream.

Finally, rest assured that your casino offers one of the Payment methods that you use to avoid any procedural difficulty. This must be done in particular when choosing the bet site you would like to play. The best online welcome bonus casinos generally authorize several popular payment options.


Have you always dreamed of putting your pockets in the casino? You can make your dream a reality by enjoying the maximum of a welcome bonus. So don't waste time ... access the best welcome bonuses now and become a real pro games of online gambling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Better still, this kind of bonus allows you to optimize your chances of victory considerably. In addition, they give you the opportunity to play more games on slot machines or more tricks on table games, not to mention that it is a great way to test games and train before betting with real sous. However, read the conditions of the bonus to avoid unpleasant surprises.

No, not all casinos offer a welcome bonus. However, you will find at least another type of bonus available for players.

Yes! Whether you play online on your PC or your mobile, all the bonuses offered by casinos remain within your reach. You just have to register, then make a deposit in your account to access all the welcome offers of a bet.