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All about the 3 Cards Poker

In the Casinos galaxy, both terrestrial and virtual, it is extremely rare to see an establishment not offering poker in its library of Casino games. This speaks volumes about the preponderant place occupied by this typology of play in casinos. Like all other Casino game categories, there are several poker variants including 3 Cards Poker, undoubtedly, one of the most popular. From the definition of this game to the strategies to be implemented to play, via its history and payments, discover in the next line, all on the 3 Cards Poker.

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Definition, history and popularity

Wondering what it is that 3 Cards Poker and how it developed to become popular? The answer is right below.


Designated in American ‘’ 3 cards poker ’’, 3 Cards Poker is, as its name suggests, a form of poker using a lot of 52 cards that we play with 3 cards. The purpose of this game is simply to build the best hand with 3 cards.


It was in 1994 that the Three Cards Poker is developed. The author of this invention has the name Derek Webb. During a classic poker tournament in which he participated in the 1990s, this English player realized that the games of the game are remarkable. He then decides to create a game whose pace would be fast. This is how the 3 Cards Poker was born. In addition to its speed, this poker variant combines simple rules, important payments and interesting house advantage. In order to market its product in the United Kingdom and the United States, Derek Webb sets up a company called "Prime Table Games". However, it comes up against several obstacles including the opposition of the British Casino Association which has become National Casino Industry Forum. Vice-president of the Grand Casino Gulfport, Barry Morris is the first to acquire the Three Cards Poker. The game will only be authorized in the United Kingdom in 2002. Its marketing by Prime Table Games will end in 1999, the rights of this poker variant having been bought by Shuffle Master.


3 cards poker owes its popularity to its attractive characteristics. It is first of all, a variant of poker that stands out from all the others by its speed. It thus guarantees, to players of the dynamic and short games. Then, the Three Cards Poker is strongly popular because not only is easy to play, but also, is one of the options offering the best payments. Finally, the casinos adopted this variant of Online poker Due to the advantage she devotes to them.

The game's rules

The part starts with the placement of the bets. Players have the possibility of making an initial bet and a more pair or one of the two. Note that the initial bet can be supplemented by an additional bet. Then, three cards facing hidden are distributed by the dealer to all the participants around the table. After this stage, the players return their cards. In the event that an initial bet is placed, the player can make an additional bet having the same value (recovery) or abandon the game. The dealer must now show his cards to other players. In order for her hand to be valid, she must integrate a lady or failing that, a card whose value is stronger. If necessary, the player with the best hand takes the game. Otherwise, the players resume their initial bet, knowing that the recovery is kept for the next part.

Regarding its gameplay, the Three Cards Poker is a variant of poker renowned for its speed. His gameplay is then competitive.

Hand classification

Once you know the 3 cards poker game rules, go further by mastering the ranking of poker hands. The latter presents itself as follows.

No pair - A hand made up of 3 unconnected and unavored cards.

Example – 7-9-10

A pair - Hand comprising a pair.

Example – 6-8-6

Color - Main that consists of 3 cards of the same color.

Example -4-8-9 of tile

Quinte - Main composed of connected cards, but not matching.

Example – 3-4-5

Brelan - Main formed of cards of the same value.

Example – 5-5-5

Quinte Flush - Main including matching and connected cards.

Example -7-8-9 of tile

Petite Quinte Flush Royale - Main formed of a lady, an ace and a king.

Example -an AS-a King-a Lady of Heart

Payments of the 3 cards poker

At this stage of our development, we will see the pairing more payments and the payments of ante bonus.


From the outset, it should be noted that the value of payment for the pair pair or more depends on that of your hand. In addition, payments differ from one casino to another. However, in general, with an advantage of 7.28% for the house, payments appear as follows.

Pair - 1 to 1

Color - 3 to 1

Quinte - 6 to 1

Brelan - 30 to 1

Quinte Flush - 40 to 1

Ante bonus payment

To benefit from the payment of an ante bonus (bet), the player must hold a combination of cards not only, stronger than that of the dealer, but also, representing at least one suite. The value of this payment corresponds to 1 x the bet for thirds, 4 x the bet for Brelan and 5 x the bet for third flush.

Some game tips and strategies

In terms of Three Cards Poker, game strategies do not abound. A tip has, however, revealed as the most effective. It simply consists, in increasing the value of its previce in a hand greater than a 4, a 6 or a lady.


3 cards poker is a type de poker which deserves to be tried for its speed and the importance of its payments. In addition, the rules of this game are particularly simple. The classification of the hands, here, incorporates fifths, fifth flush, a pair, brelan, no pair, small quinte flush and color.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 3 Cards Poker is a poker variant that is played with 3 cards from a set of 52 cards.

The goal of 3 cards poker is to get the best hand of 3 cards.

The 3 Cards Poker was invented in 1994 by Derek Webb.