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All about the progressive jackpot

If slot machines attract casino game enthusiasts more than any other fun category, many bettors display a preference for progressive jackpot titles. This typology of Bandit Manchot has indeed the power to completely transform their existence. What is a progressive jackpot slot machine? What are the specifics and what are the different types of jackpot we have? Discover in a few minutes, in the following lines, everything you need to know about the progressive jackpot.

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Definition of a progressive jackpot slot machine

Still called gradual slot machines, the slot machines Progressive jackpot are above all modern slots. But, in addition to their exciting features, their superior graphics and other standard characteristics, these penguin bandits embark a treasure that you will not find anywhere in a casino: a progressive jackpot. It is a colossal kitty that arouses the lust of purists. Progressive jackpot slot represents the only typology of slits capable of making you a millionaire.

Operation of progressive jackpot slot machines

The jackpot which constitutes the particularity of the gradual slot machines is said to be "progressive" because it is constantly evolving. Indeed, these types of slots are linked together in a network. Thus, any bet placed by a bettor on one of the slot machines interconnected is added to a kitty to increase its value. The mechanism remains such until a player born leaning one day, this jackpot. The amount of the kitty is therefore likely to reach monstrous figures, more specifically, millions of euros.

But that's not all! The other good news that you bring to you the gradual slot machines is that you are eligible for progressive jackpot, regardless of the value of your bet. You can therefore bet a few cents and be the lucky winner. Note, moreover, that when it is unlocked, the jackpot is automatically resetting on a predefined amount. The process can then resume. Great isn't it?

Winning mechanics

You probably wonder, how to touch a jackpot. To do this, there are some mechanics to take into account.

The combination of symbols - If the principle to get a gain on a slit is to obtain a combination of symbols, the same goes for the progressive jackpot. In order to access it, you must have a combination of specific symbols on the payment line.

The level of bets - The size of the bets is likely to multiply your chances of getting closer to the jackpot. You will thus find, jackpot slot machines which impose on bettors, exclusively maximum bets.

Bonus games with progressive jackpot - These games are an opportunity to seize to try to be the lucky winner of the jackpot. It can be a selection card or a price wheel. Games bonus in Jackpot are not accessible on all slots.

House advantage and RTP

The advantage of the house, known in English under the expression "House Edge" is the percentage that the casino wins on your bet. This advantage varies from one casino game to another. For slot machines, all typologies combined, House Edge is 5%. This assumes that there is not an advantage of the house specially applicable to penguin bandits in Jackpot.

At the antipodes of the House Edge, we find the rate of redistribution also called "RTP". This is the percentage that the casino agrees to pay for its members when they obtain a victory. The best redistribution rates are those above 95%. However, most spots display a redistribution rate varying between 90% and 95%. Apart from the RTP of the fun establishment, each slot machine is offered with a redistribution rate.

The different types of progressive jackpot

There are several varieties of progressive jackpot. It is advisable to quote the autonomous jackpot, the extensive jackpot, the exclusive jackpot and the master's jackpot.

Autonomous progressive jackpot

As its name indicates, this type of jackpot stands out for its autonomy. Precisely, this kitty is completely independent and is only established on a single slot machine in a casino. The jackpot is then made up of all the bets made on this handle bandit. It goes without saying that this amount would be much less important. However, this type of jackpot is one of the least difficult to reach. Autonomous jackpot is available on both a virtual casino and on a land establishment.

Extended progressive jackpot

Unlike autonomous jackpot, the extended jackpot is accessible in several Online casinos. However, it is offered by a game provider on a single slot machine. Therefore, the available prize pool is the sum of all the bets made on the slot concerned in the various fun establishments concerned. This type of jackpot then displays, a value significantly higher than that of the progressive autonomous jackpot. Despite this advantage it has, the extended jackpot is considered to be the least accessible. To increase your chances of taking it down, bet big.

Exclusive progressive jackpot

It is, like the autonomous jackpot, available only on a casino. However, the exclusive jackpot is distinguished by its accessibility on one or a selection of original owner games from the establishment. It should be noted, moreover, that the machines at the sub -affected by this jackpot are playable exclusively on the casino which offers them. Although it is only accessible on a single casino, the exclusive jackpot can have enormous value (hundreds of thousand or even more than a million francs). However, it is not easy to offer.

Progressive master's jackpot

Less frequent than all other typologies of progressive jackpot, the mastery jackpot arrives with a great feature. It can indeed be, unlocked by a simple random purchase of points. The correspondence of symbols is therefore not a necessity.

Advice for playing progressive jackpot

The slot machines are known to be purely random games. However, you can increase your chances of winning by implementing some tips. Thus, to hope to see your name registered one day, on the list of winners of the progressive jackpot of your casino, here are some tips to apply.

Play in free mode - Unless you are a novice player, you probably know, already the usefulness of free games. They simply allow bettors to learn to play a title without engaging their scholarship. This is an opportunity to seize to familiarize yourself with the game and master its subtleties.

Favor games at a high frequency of success - Among the elements that can put you on the path of a progressive jackpot, is the frequency of success of the Manchot bandit. The importance of the frequency you can get victories indeed determines, the speed of payment of the game. Thus, the more it is likely to win, the more you will get closer to the progressive jackpot.

Favor Autonomous Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines - Do you want to win a progressive jackpot? Make the mission less complicated by opting for titles offering a progressive autonomous jackpot. Admittedly, this kitty is the least attractive of all. Nevertheless, you will be more likely to take it off than any other type.

Control your budget - compliance with the budget is a transversal requirement in matters of Casino games. You have certainly learned that you should not bet a sum of money that can be used to cover part of your charges (electricity bill, purchase of food, tuition fees, etc.). You must comply with this principle, whatever your ambition. Determine the amount to invest in the slot machine in advance. In addition, to increase your chances of winning, opt for titles that offer small bets.

Make big bets - One of the most experienced strategies with a view to accessing the progressive jackpot is to place maximum bets. For the games on which there is no maximum betting limit, you only have to bet a high amount.


It would be a shame to play the slot machines without trying to win a progressive jackpot. Thanks to its value, this kitty can make you a millionaire in the blink of an eye. However, a progressive jackpot does not easily attach. It will suddenly have to be strategy. There are several types of progressive jackpot with different characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to touch a progressive jackpot.

The types of progressive jackpot accessible on casinos are: the progressive autonomous jackpot, the extensive progressive jackpot, the exclusive progressive jackpot and the progressive mastery jackpot.

The least difficult progressive jackpot is the autonomous progressive jackpot.