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Laws Game in USA

One of the questions that all players ask themselves when they want to play on a Online casino is that whether the latter has a license and operates legally. Legality, in fact, is an optimal criterion which allows, among other things, to secure the choice of a Paris site in the face of the endless number of active play establishments on the Internet these days. In USA, money games are prohibited in principle. However, some derogations are observed in Laws Game in USA.

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Local laws on games of chance

Games of chance are regulated in USA by the law of May 21, 1836 bearing prohibition of lotteries and the law of 12 July 1983 regulating games of chance. The principle in USA consists in prohibiting games of money and lottery on its territory. However, the legislator provides for a few derogations from the two laws to organize gambling.

Over time, several texts have developed exceptions to the ban on practicing gambling. The law of May 31, 1933 authorized the American government to set up a lottery. This is where the national lottery was created before multiplying its activities. If the lotto was born in 1976 in USA, other games of chance were born from the 1980s. The current legislation that governs the lottery games is the decree of November 9, 1978 on the organization and exploitation of the lottery games . He entrusts the management and exploitation of games of chance to a "public enterprise constituted in the form of an anonymous company". This is the American games.

A new law law in USA in 1985 entrusts the organization of the American Sports Prognosis Games of the Games. Another derogation from the ban on games of chance authorizes casinos to exercise their activity on national territory. These establishments can then benefit from an authorization issued by the minister.

Regarding horse racing bets, they are governed by a very specific law which is the law of June 2, 1891 regulating and functioning of horse racing. Like the previous laws, betting on horse racing are prohibited. However, a derogation authorizes activities organized by associations identified as "racing companies". The latter obtain an authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture to improve the horse race. According to this law, only mutual bets are authorized.

All the games of chance that have not been the subject of an exemption are prohibited in USA. And all casinos must benefit from an authorization to be able to exercise on American territory. Now a casino must obtain authorization to Anj (The National Games Authority) to be able to exist and offer its services to players.

The overall situation in USA

As you have seen above, online casinos in USA are subject to particularly coercive regulation. Indeed, the American legislator has drawn up a clear barrier which differentiates the casino games which are pure chance and those which require deductive faculties and the insight of the player. For Assaini this sector of activity, USA set up in 2010 a regulator called the Arjel. As a reminder, all questions related to the legalization of the activity of online casinos are governed by law n ° 2010-476. It implies a clear regulation of this activity as well as the introduction of competition that wants to be healthy. The regulator authorizes 3 categories of money games in online casinos:

  • Sports betting
  • Poker as well as other card games
  • Bets on horse racing.

It should be noted that all these games are those based on the faculties of players, and not only chance.

Arjel has become the ANJ (National Games Authority) on 1is January 2020. This change in status has extended its powers and now allows it to also regulate the hard casinos, which were the keeper of the state.

Games of chance, situation and opinions within the States

Games of chance are part of the daily life of the American, which has a strong impact on the economic sector. The bettors are counted by millions in USA and spent over 48 billion euros in 2020. According to a study by the ANJ, more than one in two American is playful, so it's a Expanding sector.

These figures are divided between the different operators of games of chance. Competition is open and many establishments have opened. There are two exclusive rights holders in 2020, namely the American games and the PMU. To this must be added 202 Casinos Clubs and 235 racetracks.

It is a sector that employs several thousand people directly and indirectly.

The case of USA is a typical example of online casino game legislation. The country has indeed gave each of its regions, the power and the freedom to legislate on the online casino games. Each region is therefore free to legalize this activity or not, and that is what its specialty. USA is the largest country in the world in terms of online casino games.

Virtual money games in USA

The activity of online casinos has been legal in USA since May 12, 2010, the date of the promulgation of the law, which is hard, the opening to competition of this online market.

The gaming sector in USA has not resisted the arrival of technology. There are more and more online gambling and open access to a wider audience. The online game market is constantly evolving with a gross product estimated at more than 10 billion euros in 2020. If the players are more likely to play online, it is because of the ease of access offered by Operators and mobility concerns related to the health pandemic that is raging in the world.


It should be noted that online games or land casinos overall, are subject to strict regulation in USA. First placed on the ban scheme, gambling benefit from specific derogations and regulations. Faced with their exponential multiplication on the web, it is therefore a necessity or even an imperative that money games can be regulated in emergency in order to guarantee the integrity of the operators, but more the safety of the players. Anyway, moreover, rest assured that a casino is legal or authorized before playing it with real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes this is possible, even if very few countries opt for this option by focusing more on pecuniary sanctions. This is the case of USA where the law provides for sanctions against players who play on an illegal site.

The main reason why the game is strictly prohibited in certain countries relates to religion and morality. Indeed, the game is considered a vice or a sin in certain cultures, which explains its prohibition or at least its strong regulations. When the law authorizes it, money game companies can be the paradise of the crooks. Games can be faked or deceived customers.

A casino is required to obtain an authorization to exercise to set up its activity on American territory. He must expressly apply to the authority in charge of regulating the sector of activity.

Games of money and all online games of chance are under the control of the National Games Authority (ANJ), formerly called Arjel. This organization detached from the State acts independently of public authorities for the regulations and control of games of chance in USA.

New restrictions have been set up by the regulator in the majority of countries to make casino games less intensive and safer. They particularly include the introduction of limits on rotation speeds, as well as a permanent ban on the features that accelerate the game or celebrate losses as victories.