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VIP programs

VIP players are customers who count a lot for casinotists, which is why they are very careful. To obtain this title, there are several methods. You have to be a loyal and regular customer, or play by making big real money. All this has its own advantages, players who bet high issues also gain big, without forgetting that they receive particular attention from casinos, which can take the form of tenders of unique bonus, faster payments, of a Personal assistant, gifts, etc. Read the article to learn more about the advantages of being a VIP player.

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VIP programs: What is it?

Almost all Online casinos in real silver have a VIP program. As its name suggests, it is exclusively reserved for exceptional players, those who love to play by making big bets. Some casinos design their programs VIP Pyramid subform with different levels. To each of them, he is affected by specific privileges. The faster the player Gravra, the greater will be his awards.

The mode of access to this program varies according to the casinos. Some offer it directly to the players as soon as they register on the site. The other will condition this program to a number of loyalty points to accumulate. Finally, in the last category, casinotiers will send a private invitation to players they will deem worthy of accessing it.

What are the advantages of VIP players?

VIP programs vary according to casinos, and do not all give players to players. For example, they will be able to take advantage of Bonus without deposit Percentage sub-form without having to make the slightest deposit. Likewise, those who like to play by making big bets do not completely lose their money in the event of a defeat: they receive around 20 or 30% of lost money, cashback. Likewise, their withdrawal procedures are processed as a priority and with great speed (1 to 48 hours maximum depending on the method). This is without counting the fact that they can withdraw larger sums of money than classic players. Also, we must mention invitations for special events, exclusive promotions, gifts in kind (tablets, smartphones, computers and travel).

The special bonuses of VIP players

As has been said above, the advantages of online casinos vary according to the establishments. It is interesting to wonder what are the best bonus VIP available online.

The personalization of the awards occupies a special place. Those who like to play by making large bets will receive gourmet packages delivered at home, bottles of champagne, chocolates boxes, stays offered for 2 or 3 people or even paid in dream destinations.

The without deposit bonuses are very popular on the canvas. Few casinos offer this fabulous offer to their customers. Imagine that you can receive bonus money for free without having to spend anything. It seems too good to be true, and yet it is. This is a rare offer, but it is accessible to VIP players.

The cashback is also quite interesting, because as explained above, it allows VIP players to recover part of their losses (percentage sub-form) and to bet it again for an additional condition.

Games with high limits

Some Casino games are popular with VIP players, because it allows them to do what they love: playing in big stakes!


This is one of the titles that made the reputation of land and virtual casinos. This game exists in several variants: European, American and American. The principle is simple: predict the box in which the ball will stop at the end of its rotation movement. The 500 $ bets are accepted according to the variants.


This is one of the favorite games of players who like to bet big. The player does not confront the dealer, but other players. The secret here is to be able to use psychology and manipulate the minds of adversaries even without having the best cards. In some casinos, people who like to play by making large bets find their accounts there.

The Baccara

The goal of this game is not to face the other players, but the house. You will have to have a well -developed strategy to get out victorious. This is the game par excellence of those who like to play by making big bets (from $ 1,000 in certain casinos).

le blackjack

This card game combines simplicity and elegance. It is within the reach of any player, even novices. The goal is to beat the dealer by obtaining a hand of cards whose total value is closer to 21 without exceeding it. In some versions, it is possible to make up to $ 1,000.

Slot machines

As it is customary, the slot machines cannot be missed in such a classification, especially those with progressive jackpots. There are thousands and each of them has its own rules.


Those who like to play by making large bets as well as the VIPs of casinos receive special treatment from operators. The latter are aware of their value, which is why they give them a certain number of privileges contained in the VIP program. The conditions to integrate it vary according to the sites. Overall, these players are pampered and this is understood. If you wish to become VIP, please consult the conditions to be fulfilled prescribed by your casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

The conditions of access vary according to the operators, which is why it is necessary to look for this information on the site. This can be automatically or by invitation, or after accumulating a certain number of loyalty points.

VIP players are offered a number of privileges such as gifts in kind, travel, personalized bonuses, higher withdrawal limits or cashback bonuses.

A priori yes, the fact remains that we must read the conditions prescribed by the casino.