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Best roulette guide

Composed of a numbered wheel and a teflon ball, roulette is one of the few lines of lines online that have been able to compete in popularity with slot machines. In view of the exceptional sensations it offers, roulette is also considered the most exciting table game of the galaxy of Casino games.

We offer you in this article, a complete discovery of this emblematic game which unleashes passions. Read rather!

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History of online roulette

The paternity of roulette is attributed to the American mathematician Blaise Pascal. He would have invented it in the 17th century; Hence the American name of the game. After being threatened with disappearance by English (1755) and American (1758) laws which prohibited its practice, it was promoted in Europe in 1842, by the François and Louis Blanc brothers. The latter opted for a wheel at 37 numbers with a simple zero and obtained a brilliant success in German land. Indeed, the suppression of the double 0 increases the chances of victory of the players. But, the ascent of the White Brothers was not to the taste of the German authorities who still delighted them in 1842 by declaring the casino games illegal. But, Prince Charles III stands out in the process as a defender of the Games and invites François and his brother Louis to continue writing the history of the game in the Principality of Monaco. These suddenly settle in Monte Carlo and open large entertainment centers.

The online roulette interface

Eager to offer purists a highly immersive game experience, the designers of roulette games offer creations delivered with a quality interface. Whether you are on mobile or on PC, in portrait or landscape mode, you will benefit from a complete display of wheel numbers, or 37 numbers. The interface adapts to all screens. In addition, by playing, you can consult the statistics in one click and easily access all your favorites. Additional features will allow you to fully experience your passion for roulette in optimal conditions.

How is Roulette play

At first glance, note that for an online roulette part to take place, it takes the presence not only, a game table, but also a dealer. On the game table, there is a carpet with boxes numbered from 1 to 36. Depending on the type of roulette chosen, this carpet also includes, a box where a simple zero or two additional boxes is written including one door A simple zero and the other a double zero. A game of play is a ball throw. The goal of this game of chance is suddenly, to guess the box where the (white) ball will stop after its race. Players can thus, constitute putting on one or more numbers, while knowing that the higher the chances of winning, the less the value of the reversals is important. To take action, you need to follow a few steps. Primo, you have to choose a table suitable for your scholarship. This is an essential step for optimal management of your budget. Second, buy tokens from the dealer. Indeed, like the blackjack Or the poker, the roulette is played with tokens. Tertio, once you have your tokens on the table, all you have to do is bet while respecting the boundaries of the occupied table.

But that's not all! Pay attention to the words of your dealer. The declaration “Make your games!” is an invitation to place your bets. In addition, by affirming “nothing is going well!”, He announces the end of the placement phase of the bets.

Types of roulette bets

At the game, the types of bets are grouped in two categories: interior betting and external bets, of course, each type of bet has its own chances of winning and payment rate.

Interior bets

Considered the most profitable, they present themselves as follows:

Horse pussy - It consists of betting on two adjacent numbers. It is on the line that separates these two numbers that the player then places the tokens. This type of bet generates a reversal of 17 against 1.

The full number - This is an individual number with the exception of zero. His repayment is 35 against 1.

The full transverse - The three numbers of the same row are the subject of a bet. The tokens are in this case, positioned on the line located at the beginning or at the end of the row in question. The repayment of this type of bet is 11 against 1.

The square - With a repayment of 8 against 1, it consists in betting either on 4 different numbers or on the first 4 issues of the carpet. You have to put the chip pile on the intersection point of said numbers.

La Transversale Simple ou Sixain - The bet is placed on 6 numbers, or 2 rows of 3 numbers. The point of intersection of these two rows is the place where the tokens must be placed. The repayment of the Sixain is 5 against 1.

External bets

These are the column, the dozen and the lack/pass.

The columns - As its name suggests, it translates into the placement of a column of 12 numbers. The pile of tokens is then deposited “2 to 1”. 2 against 1 is the repayment at this level.

The dozen - Here, the purpose is 12 numbers. The tokens must be placed on "1st 12" or "2nd 12" or "3rd 12" depending on the interval of the numbers. His repayment is 2 against 1.

Lack of hand - He/she relates to all numbers between 1 and 18 (lack) or to all numbers between 19 and 36 (pass) with a reversal of 1 against 1.

Roulette glossary

Announcement - The player indicates to the dealer the combinations he wants to play by placing his tokens on the carpet.

Sprinkler - Player who puts a lot and randomly on the carpet.

Association - Grouping of players allowing them to apply the Martingales by going beyond the limits of the maximum bets.

Baroninage - illegal understanding between dealer and players.

Burner - Term designating the croupiers seated in front of the American roulette cylinder who launch the ball in the cylinder and proceed to pay the winning chances.

Carré - Put in the center of four numbers of numbers on the game carpet.

Chance simple - designates certain bets (or chances) to roulette.

Simple chances are - Red, black, pass, lack, peer, odd.

Cut - designates the value of the tokens, the current cuts of the tokens being: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000.

CroPArs - or “dealer” in English. Designates the employees of the casino in charge of table games.

Last - Announcement of the dealer to announce that the firm table in three laps.

Double - A number fell twice in a row.

Place your bets - This advertisement of the dealer invites the players to place their bets.

Impair - or “ODD” in English. Building on all odd numbers.

Live - or “chip” in English. Round brand with which players are betting at the game tables.

Marked tokens - Stops of value marked for English roulette exclusively. These tokens are associated with a single table, each player has its color or token brand.

Maximum - This is the maximum bet accepted at a game table. This limit is put in place to prevent the use of Martingales.

Minimum - This is the minimum bet that can be placed on a game table.

House number - This is obviously about zero, which is the source of the advantage of the house.

Pair - or “Even” in English. Designates the 18 peer numbers.

Paroli or let post - consists in leaving the winning and gaining on the carpet for the next round.

Plein - designates a number with roulette.

Premier - At the Roulette the number 1 is said to be “first”, not “one”.

Nothing is going well - Announcement made by the Croupier, prohibiting additional chips.

Tableau - designates the carpet where the bets are placed, generally a printed felt.

How to play roulette [video] L Roulette Game Rules

Learn how to play roulette and what are the payments for the different types of bet. Complete tutorial to play roulette well.

Types of roulette games

There are three major variants of the game: European, American and American roulette.

European roulette

This is the first invented model. Its particularity is the presence on its cylinder of a single box bearing number 0. The number 0 allows the bank to recover 2.7% of the bets.

Most European roulette games offer the sharing rule, if the 0 comes out, the players having bet outside (for example, peer or odd, red or black) are reimbursed by half of their bet.

Of all the variants of the game, European roulette is by far the most popular. She is the most popular for bettors because not only does she offer more chances of victory, but also admits simple bets.

American Roulette

From the point of view of the design, American roulette is clearly a resumption of European roulette. Some additional rules help improve the chances of the player; For example, the rule of "sharing" (as for European roulette) and the rule of "prison", where a player has a chance to recover his bet during the 0. American roulette also has a Bet option on the finals, the bets can be placed on all the numbers ending with the same figure (for example, 7, 17 and 27).

American roulette

More recent (developed in the 20th century), this type of game is a pure American invention. Lowering the probabilities of gain through the presence of an additional double zero box, it is much more practiced in land casinos in the United States.
Bets work in the same way as for European roulette, although the addition of 00 significantly increases the return rate of the casino which increases to 5.26%, even if the gains on the bets remain the same. American roulette is therefore a less advantageous choice for players.

A multitude of online roulette options

By visiting the online casinos, you will find a variety of roulette options, including royal roulette, multi-playing roulette, several wheels and live roulette.

Royale Roulette

His only name is already an attraction. Royal roulette is indeed, a game based on European roulette which offers bettors the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot.

Multi-playing roulette

Without generating a modification of the rules of the game, multi-playing roulette is an option that allows bettors to no longer play alone. In other words, this type of game admits several players, more precisely 4. An avatar represents each of them.

Roulette with several wheels

European type, this variety of the game is delivered, as its name indicates, with more than one wheel. The advantages that result from it for players are an increase in the chances of winning, but also sensations. Indeed, for each placement placed, the player can win a victory on all the wheels available.

Live roulette

This is clearly made for lovers of realism. Because live roulette offers the bettor the possibility of living your passion in an ultra-realistic setting, in a setting that recalls that of a terrestrial casino. This game option provides him with interaction with dealers, live streaming and much more. Live roulette includes all the typologies of roulette.

Paris Roulette Strategies

There are many Roulette strategies Different, the most popular are: Martingale, of the Alembert system, and Fibonacci's strategy.

The Martingale

Simple and practical, Martingale is a strategy of bets practiced by the vast majority of lovers of roulette. It consists after each defeat, to multiply its bet by two.

The Alembert system

This creation of the American philosopher Jean Le Rond d'Alembert is the other great classic in roulette. She suggests on the bettor to raise his unit every time he loses and reduce it from a unit in the event of a victory.

The Fibonacci sequence

The sequence of Leonardo Fibonacci is a sequel where each of the numbers is the result of the sum of the two previous numbers. From this sequence, the bettors have developed a system of sets in the game where after each victory, the player places a higher bet according to the fibonacci sequence and regresses two numbers when he loses.

Other strategies

Apart from those mentioned above, there are other roulette stake strategies. This is the plowing strategy, the Zographos method, the Paroli system and the 1 - 3 - 2 - 6 system.

Play online roulette

To fully experience the strong emotions offered by roulette, it is crucial to choose the Best online casino. To do this, several points must hold your attention.

Bonuses and promotions - Generosity is one of the brands of virtual casinos. So, by registering and playing in a games room, you can benefit from Bonus and promotions Various.

Security and license - An unsecured casino represents a danger to your banking data. Likewise, an unauthorized casino is an unreliable establishment. You must suddenly, make sure that the casino on which you have set your sights is secured and regulated by a credible organism.

Payment methods - These are the various banking tools made available to players for their deposit and withdrawal transactions.

The toy library - The quality of your entertainment depends on the quality of the games offered in particular on the Roulette collection. So, do not miss a look at the site's game library while particularly in your interest in the variety of available roulette games.

Customer support - It is the department of fun establishments that is responsible for finding solutions to the concerns of bettors.

These are just a few factors you have to pay attention when choosing an online game establishment, read our detailed guide on how we Reviews online casinos Where you will learn more about all the important aspects we check.

Mobile roulette

For several years, like other online casino games, roulette has been available on mobile terminals. It is playable as well in flash version and in downloaded version. Immerse yourself in action wherever you are and when you want!

Play roulette for real money vs play for free

Playing roulette is undoubtedly, fairly entertaining. Nevertheless, you deserve much better and only the real money game is likely to make you access all the joys of the game. Indeed, by playing the game with real money, you offer yourself the opportunity to win gains, bonuses and to increase your sensations.

Playing roulette for free also has its advantages, first of all, it will help you learn the game without risking money, once you have learned the rules and you will have familiar with the game, you will start then To test certain roulette strategies and make observations, and when you develop confidence in your skills, you can start playing in real money, because this is where real pleasure awaits you.


Roulette is an exciting casino game that deserves to be experienced by all bettors. Of all the variants of the game, European roulette presents itself as the best. To live the chills of this popular table game, you must master the rules and strategies of Paris, read some Roulette Tips Who can help you win, and also choose a casino that meets your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A roulette consists of a wheel and a teflon ball.

The goal of the roulette is to guess the box where the (white) ball will stop after its race.

We have European roulette, American roulette and American roulette.

These are the Alembert system, the Martingale and the Fibonacci sequence.

Yes, the roulette is playable on mobile.