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Types of games in baccarat

Over the years, various types of baccarat have appeared, mainly based, in most cases, in the countries in which they are played. The general rules are generally very similar, the main differences being the distribution rules and the interactions of the player. This article covers the main variations in the baccarat.

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Although there are three popular types of the game - Punto Banco, Baccarat Chemin de Far, Baccarat Banque - the last two are rarely in most online or land casinos. Punto Banco, however, is offered in just about all casinos and experiences growing popularity.

Pour Play online baccarat, you don't really have to do anything. Just place your bet and see what's going on. While it might be interesting to know what's going on on the table and why you won or lost, you don't really need to work, the software will do everything for you.

Bank point

At Punto Banco, the cards are mixed in 4, 6 or 8 standard card games of 52. The casino is the banker at all times and undertakes to respect a set of fixed rules. The player and the banker receive two cards at the start, if neither has a hand value of 8 or 9, the rules for distributing a third card are applied.

The player is always the first to receive the third card and after checking his score, the rules are applied again, in order to determine whether the banker has to receive the third card or not. Punto Banco, which means "laying" and "banker" is a game of luck, because the only choice of the player is to choose the amount of his bet.


The American variation tends to be played with 6 card games on a large table and with players who actively bet against each other. The player who draws the cards becomes the "banker" and the other players at the table are the "pundits". The banker then deposits his bet, it is the maximum that he is ready to risk and all the laying must align with this bet. The action then continues in the time sense, the players choose how much they want to bet against the banker without exceeding his limit. The first player with the biggest bet acts on behalf of all the other bettors.

The banker

The banker distributes two hands in front of hidden, one for him and one for the player's representative. If an 8 or an 9 is distributed, an ad is made and the hands are compared to determine the winner. If this is not the case, the player and the banker both have the opportunity to draw a 3rd card. The winning hand is then determined and paid, less the 5% commission at the bank as usual.


A slight modification of these rules can allow the banker to bet the total amount he is ready to risk. Here, players can bet to the total amount of the bank, or what remains, when they are declared an intention to "banish". Once the limits of the bank have been reached, no other bet can be taken into account, but if the banker's bet is not reached by all players, observers have a chance to bet until the bank is fully completed. In the two variants, when the banker loses, the round goes in the time direction to the next player ready to assume the responsibility of the bank.

Term goat

The EZ Baccarat is a slightly different variation from the normal Baccarat game. Payments are increased, instead of obtaining a payment on a rating of 19 to 20 as in the classic baccarat, the EZ version pays for a chance (1 per 1).

Do not get entitled quickly, this is not the type of baccarat where you have an advantage over the bank. Why ? If the banker wins with a total number of seven points and holds three cards, you will not be paid. This translates into approximately 4.9% of equivalent commission, so you can be a little satisfied, the part of the casino is slightly lower than normal - 1.018%.
There are also two betting options - Dragon 7 and Panda 8. The first provides that the banker will obtain a total point value of 8, using exactly 3 cards. He must also win so that your bet is winner, so if the player reaches 9, you always lose. Dragon 7 paid to 40 against 1 and has a share of the bank of 7.61%.

Panda 8 can be won in the opposite direction, compared to the Dragon 7 - the player reaches the value of 8 points using 3 cards and wins his hand. Panda has a reimbursement of 25 against 1 and a large 10.17%bank levy.

Banking in bank

Another European version of the game. The Baccarat Banque is generally played with three card games and the role of banker is sold at auction to the player ready to take the greatest risk. The drawing rules of the baccarat vary from one casino to another but are very similar to those of the "railway".

Super PAN 9-A game found mainly in the United States, Super PAN 9 uses a limited 36 cards tray. The cards used are all figures and the A, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The banker and the player have three cards to start and have the possibility of obtaining an additional card in order to get as close as possible 9.

Baccarat with 3 cards - a popular game in the casinos of Macao and Asia. A card game is used and the rules are quite different from the traditional baccarat. The two players and the banker receive three cards. The highest possible hand is made up of three figures, followed by traditional hands.