Complete guide to most popular roulette strategies

Created in USA at 18th century and has become very famous worldwide, roulette is an essential game of chance in Online casinos. It offers relatively different chances of earnings depending on whether you play the European version or the American version. To maximize your chances of gaining roulette more often, it is common to use game strategies. What strategies should you use or how to use a roulette strategy? Find more details in this article.

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Roulette strategies

Although roulette seems fairly easy to play, there are two several types of strategies that will allow you to go up more easily. Of course, these methods cannot change the Chances of Paris Roulette, but they can help you increase your chances of winning

The classic system or martingale

Consisting in small bets on simple chances, Martingale is the easiest strategy of roulette and which gives 50% chance of winning the player. For this, the player must first define a fairly small initial bet, which allows him in the event of loss to double his bet at the next game. Thus, he recovers previous losses in the event of gain and has equal profit at the initial bet.

However, putting exponentially, a loss can very quickly rely with the exhaustion of the money allocated to the bet. Although this bankroll can be raised, with the alternation of gains and random losses, it is essential to know when leaving the game while retaining a minimum gain.

The Fibonacci system

Quite close to the Martingale, the fibonacci is based in roulette on simple chances. Indeed, the following bet is that of the previous two when you record a defeat. However, the progress of bets with this system is quite slow and makes it possible to last a little more in the game. However nothing guarantees the non-exhaustion of your bankroll because of a successive alignment of defeats, although in the event of Gain you won the money from the previous two Paris.

The Alembert system

Alembert seems to be an improved version of Lamartingaledont it is strongly inspired. With this technique, the bets are made by fixing a reference update less than or equal to your 5% bankroll to guarantee a certain tranquility in the game. Depending on the way your bets will be staggered during the game, this reference can also serve you as unit. Once the game is started and after defining your unit, your bet can be increased by a unit after each defeat.

Although interested, the problem of this system remains the initial bet which is not inexhaustible in the event of repeated defeat, you will risk finding yourself completely on the carpet and thus, being forced to leave the game.

The Paroli System

Unlike Martingale, Fibonacci and Alembert, the Paroli system allows you to protect itself by making significant profits. Thus, we start the game with small bets and bet the gains twice in the event of a victory. The gains can then be taken as a profit when you accumulate for example four victories and, you can then start another series. However, you automatically return to your initial bet in the event of loss.

The main advantage of the Paroli system lies in the fact that you can make big earnings with small bets. But of course for that, you must have a good dose of luck by your side.

James Bond's strategy

The strategy bears a big name - the James Bond strategy. However, despite such a strong name, such a strategy is a very simple Paris system,

Here is how to proceed, for each bet you will need 20 tokens which are distributed as follows: 14 for two dozen, 5 tokens on 6 numbers a bet of 6 lines, 1 for zero. At first glance, the amount made by the player is quite important. However, the risk is not high and even completely justified: if you bet on two dozen, you cover both 2/3 of the playground with your bets, which means that on three laps, two will be winners .

The James Bond system is based on the Martingale method, which is often used when creating strategies to play roulette.

The strategy of neighboring numbers

This strategy consists in betting on five numbers simultaneously and allows you to bet on a number by associating your two closest neighbors. This technique preserves a possible regret because in the event of loss, we can always benefit from the gain of neighbors.

Progressive or non -progressive system

Whether it is the progressive or non -progressive strategy, the roulette is above all a game of chance that is based on the good fortune of the players. Thus, adopting this or that other strategy is essentially the course of the game and the player's experience.

The different roulette strategies have several advantages and disadvantages that we will try here to come out.

Progressive strategy

Gradual strategy is one of the least aggressive strategies of roulette. It consists of betting according to the results of the previous laps. This type of strategy is suitable for those who quickly want to recover the previous losses by betting larger sums. You have to use it when you don't have much money in your bankroll.


  • It allows you to make big earnings quickly with small bets
  • It allows you to have an initial profit for gain in the event of loss
  • It allows you to make your bankroll last as long as possible


  • It can cause an exponential bet with large risk of loss
  • No guarantee of the starting bet in the face of successive losses
  • It takes a lot of luck to be able to win

Non -progressive strategy

As its name suggests, the non -progressive strategy is based on non -progressive bets. Here, the player must bet on his inspiration or failing that, maintain his bets throughout the game constantly. Its purpose is to minimize losses and suit when you have a lot of money to bet.


  • It allows you to rest on the other players to ensure your rear
  • It makes it possible to considerably increase your chances of earnings


  • Resting your hopes on neighbors is a risk of losing everything in the event of failure of everyone
  • Building big may have big risks of loss if you don't have much chance on your side. Which makes James Bond's strategy fairly hazardous.

How to choose the best roulette strategy?

It is generally recommended to start the game with progressive strategy by making small bets while ensuring a maximum gain. However, whether Martingale, Alembert, Fibonacci or Paroli, the strategy can change depending on the course of the game. However, in case of big losses, you can always rely on the neighbors by applying the non -progressive strategy. But if nothing is going well, and you want to try everything for the whole, James Bond's strategy is more than indicated.

Uncertainty of roulette systems

As we mentioned above, roulette is above all a game of chance. Suddenly, whatever the calculations and strategies set up by the players in order to obtain the maximum gain, there is however no tip or any amulet capable of forcing fate. This is why, as addictive as roulette can be, the player must know how to stop in time while retaining the minimum possible gains.


Beyond its hazardous and playful appearance, we play roulette first to earn money. This is why all the strategies we have presented have been developed to allow maximization of gains or minimization of losses. Although the rules and strategies of Roulette Be purely random, they can make it possible to make profits. However, beyond the desire to win the player, he must never lose sight of the fact that when we play, it is to win or to lose. This is why we recommend, whatever the roulette strategy you choose, to always stick to it basic roulette tips. This is why, you can never say it enough, you have to know where and how to stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is possible to apply the same strategy during the same game but at different stakes.

It is difficult to choose one, we recommend that you try some popular methods such as Progressive Martingale Roulette Strategy, Fibonacci and the James Bond method in free mode and choose the one you like the most.

Whether online or physical, roulette is subject to the same rules. The only main difference lies in the fact that the online casino has different and sometimes complex payment methods compared to the physical casino.

It's a Martingale strategy, it's the simplest roulette betting strategy in the world. you can learn it in under five minutes, practice for free, and head to real money betting.