The responsible game

Addiction to casino games is a frequent problem that affects more people than you think. Some suffer without being aware of it. Do you have any game disorders? Do you think you are subject to a dependence on the game? In this review, you will not only discover how to identify an addiction to casino games, but you will know how to end it.

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What is the difference between the responsible game and the problematic game?

The responsible game and the problematic game are notions intimately linked to the practice of casino games. You have to master the definitions to be sure of which camp you are located in.

We are talking about responsible game when a person uses the game for their entertainment and pleasure. The Casino games Here are considered moments of relaxation, a relaxation activity. On the other hand, they become problematic when playing only to earn money or when you spend more than you can afford it.

The main difference between The responsible game And the problematic game comes from their terminology. Indeed, responsible game programs are often used for prevention, in order to avoid the appearance of problematic game signs. Players who do not identify themselves as at risk, tend not to give great importance to it.

Some frequent myths linked to casino games

Here is a result, some reflections specific to a person who plays in a responsible manner:

  • With a winning strategy, he can be victorious.
  • The game is a question of luck, but also of skill.
  • The game is easier when you already have some experience.
  • Playing several slot machines at the same time can increase the chances of victory.

On the other hand, if you believe in one of the superstitions below, then you are subjects (or about to be) to an addiction:

  • This slot machine has not paid for several laps, the next will be the right one!
  • Continuing to play with Casino bonus, we will necessarily manage to recover the losses.
  • With some rituals, we are more likely to win.
  • By playing with loyalty cards, this reduces the chances of victory.
  • Casino staff can tell you a paid slot machine.

Game dependence: alert signs

If you are still in uncertainty, here are the characteristic signs of people dependent on the game:

They devote more time and money than what was initially planned. Players cannot abandon the game. They are so addicted that they go beyond the time and money they had planned.

Systematically hunting losses: one of the basic principles in gambling is not to try to recover the losses. They must be considered as part of the past.

Irritability or agitation when stopping: the game being supposed to be a pleasure (which has a lucrative aspect), you should not have difficulty stopping part when the need is essential. Dependent players fail to do so. When they are forced to stop part of the game, they become aggressive and/or irritated.

Denial: half of the problem

Rest assured, dependence on the game is not an incurable problem. To get out of this hellish spiral, the first step (the most important) is to admit that you have this problem. In this way, you predispose your mind to receive the appropriate advice to get you out of this kneader.

Now that you have made half the way, it's time to go to the next phase.

Ask for help

There is no shame in being dependent on casino games, especially that unlike other players, you have had the courage to recognize your condition. The next step is to turn to adequate (moral and physical) people and ask for help. The Best online casinos Offer a special tab to support players who have this problem. They can also turn to centers and associations specializing in the assistance of people with dependence problem.

Some tips for playing responsible

If you feel that this will take you time to reach organizations specializing in the fight against dependence, you can apply the advice below:

  • Play only to entertain yourself. It is absolutely not necessary to consider the game as an easy/quick source of income.
  • Make only what you are able to lose without consequence
  • Keep in mind that the money planned for the game can be lost.
  • Consider defeat as one of the exits of the game.
  • Do not use credit cards to play.
  • Before playing, set time and money limits, and respect them!
  • It is not a good idea to play being under the effect of anger, anxiety or alcohol.
  • The game should not be perceived as a way to escape stress, depression or solitude.
  • When you lost, increasing the value of the next bet is strongly not recommended.


You can turn to Gambleaware (independent charity based in Great Britain, which finances research services to help reduce the games related to the game) or to anonymous gamblers (GA), which is an international association bringing together people suffering compulsive play. They help each other and find solutions to free themselves from their dependence on the game. Gamcare is also an excellent choice. It is a charitable organization of British origin, which provides advice and the support necessary for anyone suffering from problematic play. Finally, you can therapy by play; It is an international non -profit organization that is devoted to the use of game therapies to help players better control their passions for the game.


Dependence on casino games is a real problem from which some players suffer. The problem comes from the fact that they are not always aware of it. Thanks to the elements contained in this review, you now know how to identify this problem, and above all, how to take it to cure it.

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