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Online baccarat - The complete guide

Sections of games available on an online casino, that of table games undoubtedly represent, behind the slot machines, the most interesting. In this playful category, there are several typologies of play, including Baccarat. This game of cards made popular by the big screen is the subject of this article. From its origins to its different variants through its rules and the Paris systems that it admits, we tell you everything you need to know about the online casino game called "Baccarat". Good reading!

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Baccarat history

Although historians do not agree on its origin, some sources evoke Italy as the cradle of Baccarat. The famous table game would then have emerged in the 15th century. He will then experience a spectacular expansion by inviting himself into European and American casinos. The United States would be the land where baccarat has recorded its greatest success. However, to extend its tentacles to the four corners of the planet, this table game had to surf the cinema. Indeed, in several cinematographic productions, we see the actors indulging in Baccarat which had the effect of making it worldwide popular. ‘’ Casino Royale ”, a James Bond film can be cited as an example. Like most other table games, the Baccarat became playable online in the 2000s.

How to play Baccarat

Like any type of game, the Baccarat admits rules that must be controlled before playing with real money. Remember to start, that this game opposed the player to the bank. Then, the goal to be pursued during a Baccarat round is to bring together 9 points or, failing to obtain a result that is getting closer. Bets must therefore be made on the hand which totals 9 or displays a result close to this figure. What happens when no player has a winning hand? In such a case, players whose result is in the interval 0 to 5 obtain an additional card while the others (hand between 6 and 7) continue the game. It should be noted that in this game, the number of dozens do not count. Then, concerning its progress, at the start of a Baccarat game, each player receives two visible cards. As for the bank, it is given a visible card and a hidden card. Finally, it is important to know the value of each card. Indeed, the AS is worth 1 and the encrypted cards from 2 to 9 have a value equivalent to the figure they have. Regarding other cards (valet, lady, king and 10), they are worth 0.

Baccarat terminologies

To complete your knowledge of the rules of baccarat, learn the terms being part of its jargon. Here is the glossary of the Baccarat game.

Action - Total amount of bets during a round.

Banco - Spanish term which designates the bank. Players can also pronounce this word when they bet all their tokens.

Bankroll - Set of the tokens with a bettor to play.

Burn the cards - Remove the 3 or 6 cards from finding on the Baccarat cards stack.

Log - Word designating cards having no value in the baccarat. It is the king, the lady, the valet and the 10.

Callman - One of the three deales holding the large Baccarat tables.

Burnt card - card released from the game during the distribution.

Railway - Old version of the Baccarat.

Cheval - Variant of the Baccarat which gives bettors the opportunity to play two hands.

CroPArs - Person who takes care of the distribution of cards.

Cut - Principle of separation of cards into two lots during distribution.

Down Card - Provision of a map whose face is hidden.

Face Cards - Expression designating the AS, the lady or the king of all color.

Fade - Principle which consists in covering part of the total bet.

High Roller - A bettor who is used to betting large sums.

Main - Cards received by a player after distribution.

Monkey - Map having no value.

Natural - winning hand with a value of 8 or 9 composed of two cards.

Bank point - Variant you baccarat.

Understand - Location containing all the game cards.

Stand - Refusal to draw an additional card during a game.

Tie - Equality between the player and the bank.

Upcard - Provision of a map whose face is open.

Baccarat advice and strategies for Paris systems

Although there is a standard tip that works every time, there is Baccarat advice as well as strict compliance systems can allow you to make as many gains in the baccarat.

The strategies are presented as follows:

Bet on the bank - In the Baccarat game, it is not superfluous to know the probabilities of gain. As you learn, you will know that it is more likely for the bank to win a game than the player. The probability of the bank displays 44.61 %. Therefore, you would be more advantageous to bet on the house.

Discard the bet on the equality of its options - When it comes to gaming, it is essential to remember that the more a payment, the more risky it is. Thus, despite the attractiveness of the bet on equality between the bank and the player, so as not to undergo significant losses, don't even think about it.

Play for free - Playing for free online baccarat will cost you absolutely nothing, as soon as you have none to place. Seize this opportunity that free games represent to train in the Baccarat enough before playing with real money.

Paris Systems in Baccarat

Now let's see the Paris Systems in Baccarat! They include the Fibonacci suite, the Martingale, the Alembert system and the plowing method.

To fibonacci suite - It is a sequence of numbers or numbers in which apart from the first two figures, all the others are the result of the addition of the two that precedes them. Clearly, this sequence is displayed as follows: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55 ... This method has the principle, the progressive increase in bets during the game.

The Martingale - enjoying an unrivaled popularity, the Martingale recommends double its putting to each loss. So, if you record a loss after betting $ 10 ,; In the next round, you must bet 20 $.

The Alembert system - Unlike the previous one, this method consists in increasing its bet to each victory and decreasing it in the event of failure.

The plowing system - To implement this method, develop a suite and bet the amount corresponding to the addition of the first and last figure. In case of gain, remove the numbers you have just used and continue to play. On the other hand, you will have to add a new figure to your sequence after a loss.

Variations Baccarat

In an online casino, several variants of the baccarat are playable. These are Punto Banco, Mini Baccarat, Railway and Bank.

Bank point - This variant of Baccarat opposes the laying (Punto) which is nothing other than the player to the bank (Banco). In this configuration, the other players are content to bet on the winning hand. Originally from South America, Punto Banco accepts 14 players.

Mini goat - This is the simplified version of the Baccarat. It is specially made for low -budget bettors. Appeared in the 80s, he embarked small options of bet and is played with 7 players at most.

Railway - It is a variant of Baccarat invented by Europeans, but having subsequently undergone modifications. It can thus be played between the bank and several bettors.

Banque - This form of baccarat is distinguished by the fact that it offers players the opportunity to challenge each other. They must then play the role of the bank knowing that to win, they must make the same bets. In the bank in bank, the banker changes role after 3 consecutive beancos without positive results.

Play Baccarat from your mobile

For a number of years, online casino games have been playable on mobile devices such as the tablet and the smartphone. Thanks to the version Casinos mobile, it is therefore possible to bet and play baccarat on the screen of your mobile device. Despite the changing screen size, this game mode guarantees you the same services as those embarked by websites.

Play online baccarat

As with any other Online casino game, to play online baccarat, there are several points to take into account.

How to choose where to play

Virtual casinos swarm on the internet. It is suddenly, not easy to choose an establishment to have fun. Fortunately, some websites make criticism and casinos comparisons free of charge; Which allows them to choose well where to play. You know now what to do to select a good online casino.

License and security

Make sure your games site has a license that is proof and implements security measures. Know that the license of the authorities of Curaçao is the most reliable. On the safe level, it is better to opt for an establishment using a 128 -bit SSL encryption protocol.


By playing online baccarat, you can get bonus. It would therefore not be useless to be interested in the competitiveness of the bonus grid proposed by the casino that you plan to select.

Payment options

These are the banking tools you can use to perform your Deposit and withdrawal transactions. They are therefore just as important as the point of license and security.

The types of games of good software developers

What are the baccarat game options offered by the casino? Do they come from the best software? The answer to these two questions will allow you to know if the entertainment offer is of good quality or not.

Play Baccarat for free and with real money

As we have explained above, the double advantage that the free game presents is the possibility of familiarizing yourself with the games without hiring your scholarship. On the other hand, playing with real money not only makes it possible to enjoy the show while playing, but also to win gains. The main objective of any bettor being to make ends meet, the best way to play is clearly to play with real money.


The Baccarat is undoubtedly, one of the most popular table games. It admits relatively simple rules and exists in many variants. To be a good baccarat player, you have to implement some strategies. Note also that the choice of a Online casino To play must obey a few principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, although this choice offers more chance of winning, you must sometimes bet on the laying.

Yes, you can beat the bank, but you have to remember that the Baccara is always a game of chance.

There are 4 main variants of Baccara, but the number of new fascinating versions of the game increases each year in online casinos.

Yes, online baccarat is playable for free.

There is no better strategy or system for playing and winning in Baccara, you must try different methods and find the one that suits you best.