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Poker hands classification

It is the very first and most important of the steps you will have to learn to be able to play most of the variants of poker like le Texas Hold’em. You can find all the possible hands below, from the best hand, the Flush Royale fifth with a high à la carte, which is simply the best card of all. It is once this died list that you can start playing winning hands in poker.

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Quinte Flush Royale :

5 cards of the same color in order with the highest ace. It’s the strongest poker hand of all.

Quinte Flush :

5 cards of the same color in order.

Carré :

This hand is made up of 4 cards of the same value and a neutral card. In case of several squares, the value of the card is taken into account, the strongest card wins the hand. If several players have exactly the same square (this can happen in poker games that use several card games), the neutral card is used to determine the winner. The strongest card wins.

Full :

A hand of 5 cards that has a lame and a pair. If several players have a full, the player with the 3 strongest cards wins. Again, if 3 identical cards arise (in the event of use of several card games), the strongest pair determines the winner.

Color: It takes 5 cards of the same color to compose this hand, but in a sequential order. In the event of two colors, the player with the highest card wins the victory.

Suite :

5 cards that follow with at least two different colors. In the case where several players have a suite, the player with the strongest card wins.

Brelan :

The Brelan is simply made up of 3 identical cards. The 2 additional cards do not have the same value. In case of several Brelans, the player with the 3 higher value cards wins. In the event of an identical bank (in the case of using several card games), additional cards are used to decide between players.

Two pairs:

Again, this poker hand is quite explicit. If you compose this hand, you have 2 distinct pairs of identical row cards. The highest winning pair if several players have the same hand and the remaining card is used if several players have identical hands of identical ranks (again, in the case of the use of several card games.)

A pair :

If you have two cards of the same rank, you have a pair. The 3 cards remaining in this hand of 5 cards are not of the same rank. In the event of several pairs, the pair of highest ranks wins and in the event of several players with exactly the same pair (in the event of the use of several card games), the highest additional card determines the winner.

High card:

If none of the hands above is presented by the players, it is the player with the strongest card who takes the tour.

Other hand rules in poker

Although there are many variants online poker, the hands remain quite consistent, as well as the following rules:

1) The 5 cards poker

Poker hands consist of 5 cards, even if the player has more than 5 cards available to him. In these cases, the best combination of 5 cards is played.

2) Individual row

Independently, each card has the next rank from the highest to the lowest: AS, King, Lady, Valet, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

3) AS in both directions

AS, depending on the case, can have a strong or low value (evaluated for the digital equivalent of "1") when it is part of a suite, a fifth or a flush fifth.

4) Combinations

Although the combination of the cards is the determining factor when we seek to make a flush fifth or a fifth, they do not hold any intrinsic numerical value in themselves.

5) No matter the order

Whatever the order of appearance of the cards, they have the same value to compose the winning hand.

6) Row equality - Pot sharing

In the case of several hands of identical rank, the pot is divided into equal parts (provided that there is no additional higher card). The additional card is the card that is not used to define the winning hand, it is used here to decide between.)