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To choose a good Online casino, experts recommend several tips, one of which is to appreciate the bonuses offered by the sites. Being part of the bonuses without deposit and generally associated with the welcome bonus, free towers alone can make the happiness of a bettor. It is then, logically that in the following lines, we are interested in them. What do we mean by free towers? What are the different types? What is the nature of the earnings you can get with free towers and these towers really free? You will find below the answers to all these questions.

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Free Tours Definition

It must be remembered at first glance, that the expression "free towers" is the American translation of English expression "free spins". A tower is a game of game of slot machine. It consists in turning the rolls of the slit. Thus, by definition, free towers designate opportunities offered by an online casino on a bettor to run the rolls of a slot machine free. In other words, with free towers, the bettor has the possibility of playing slot machine games without investing your purse. We deduce that free towers or free spins bonuses are exclusively designed for slots. They are therefore playable neither on table games nor on specialties. It should also be noted that free towers can allow you to try your luck on more than a dozen slot machines.

The different types of free towers

There are a wide variety of free towers in the Casino games sector. It is above all, essential to make the difference between free towers without deposit and free towers with deposit.

Free towers without deposit

Casino bonus without deposit are free towers granted by a casino to a bettor without a payment being made by the person concerned. This supply typology generally accompanies the welcome bonus.

Free towers with deposit

These are free towers that require a deposit in advance. This bonus is offered during the playful players of players. In other words, generally, the former members of the casinos benefit from them.

Apart from these two typologies of free towers, we distinguish those that follow.

The welcome bonus

This is the bonus offered by the casino to celebrate the arrival of a new player. the Welcome Bonus may include free towers. If the minimum is 10, some sites offer more than 100 free laps to their new players.

Free laps at registration

These are free towers without deposit. They are granted only to new players as soon as they have finished creating their account.

Bonus towers with first money deposit

Also offered at registration, they are accessible to the player after the latter's first payment.

Free laps for new games

These are free towers specially offered to the most regular players, as part of the promotion of new slot machine titles. Indeed, some virtual casinos publish new slots each month to enrich the playful experience of their customers.

Free laps for recommending a friend

Some establishments set up a system aimed at rewarding any bettor which recommends their site. These awards sometimes take the form of free towers.

Free towers with recharge

When you recharge your player on an online casino, you can benefit from free rotations: these are free towers with recharge. The value of this offer varies from one casino to another. Some sites offer up to 100 free care.

Continuous bonuses

These are free towers offered each week or granted on each deposit made by the bettor. This bonus can be claimed at any time and several times.

Free promotional towers

These are towers negotiated by game publishers with casinos in order to publicize their creations. These free towers are granted to all bettors of the casino.

Free VIP towers

These are awards that only VIP players can touch. These players are thus treated because of their loyalty and the size of their bets.

Potential gains arising from free towers

Obviously, free towers are delivered with the possibility of making money in money. However, although your victories are likely to allow you to put your pockets full, the earnings you can directly get by playing slot machines with your free towers are not in Real money, but rather in bonus money. Unlike the real money that you can withdraw under certain conditions, bonus money, it is free money offered by a virtual casino and that you cannot withdraw. Bonus money is exclusively intended to be invested in games.

Free free towers

In accordance with the definition we have given above, free towers represent a completely free casino offer. They allow the bettor to play slot machine games for free. However, like most Casino bonus, free towers are followed by stake conditions and in some cases of offers without betting. Free towers are not completely free. Each platform will have different requirements. The bettors must therefore consult the Terms and Conditions page.


Among the bonuses you can get on an online casino are free towers. Scheduled only to be used on slot machines, this offer of generosity of fun establishments is a boon to make ends meet. Of course, you have to play with luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get earnings while enjoying its free towers.

No. Free towers are by definition, thought out exclusively for slot machines.

Yes, several free types of towers are intended for former players.

No, free towers are not exchangeable for real money.

No, some casinos do not include free towers in their free -deposit offers.