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Guide you poker a look

Poker is one of the Casino games The most popular in the world. Although it is difficult to master, its learning is quite easy however. Beyond being a simple card game, it is also a strategy game that requires a careful analysis of the behavior of other players in order to determine for example, when you have to bluff, go to bed or pass the hand, etc. It includes many variants, and each of them has its own principles. Whatever the variant, the basics of the game remain the same, however. Discover everything on online poker in this article.

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History of poker

The least we can say at the outset is that the stories about the history of this game attribute multiple origins to him. The reference to the word Poker is made for the first time in 1830 by Jonathan H. Green in his work an exhibition of the arts and miseries of gambling. The latter made it in particular a description of the poker games organized in 1820 on board boats sailing on the Mississippi in the USA.

If a good number of works go up the various origins of poker in China (10th century), India (with Ganijifa), England (with Bragg), Persian or ancient Iran (with AS NAS in the 17th and 18th century),), Germany (with pochspiel or scanting game) and USA (with the poke in the 18th century), the fact remains that the paternity of poker is very American. Indeed, it was in the United States that he will really experience his boom at the dawn of the 19th century.

Callbpoker ulaire

Poker has its own vocabulary and which is made up of several English words. Some are sometimes the subject of a American translation and others not. Here are some terms used frequently in poker to help you find yourself easily in this game:

Rainbow or rainbow - Flop made with a map of the same kind or color. Ex: A ♠ 5 ♥ T ♣.

All-in - Bet all your tokens.

Bankroll - Capital or game amount held by the player.

Bet - Can, mix.

Blank - harmless or uninteresting card which a priori does not change anything by any hand of any player. Ex: card arriving at the River or the Turn.

Blinds - Mandatory bets to be made by players before the cards distribution.

Big Slick - Another Hand name AK (Anna Kournikova). It's pretty but it doesn't win.

Box - Another name which means that you have to bet all your tokens.

Bulls - This is the place that everyone wants to avoid during the game. Although it refers to first place, it does not pay indeed.

Bullets - This is another nickname attributed to the pair of aces.

Dealer - Name which designates the one who distributes the cards. Also refers to the dealer.

Drawing dead - literally means "shooting dead". In other words, no more card can help you win.

Dry - means "dry" in English. This word is used when there is no more draw on the table. Ex: A-7-2 Rainbow.

Flop -Alludes to the first 3 cards unveiled at the same time in the middle of the table following the pre-flop or first round of the auctions.

Flush draw - Color draw.

Fold - Throw your cards, go to bed to wait for the next hand.

Fold equity - Said a player who hopes to make his opponent go to bed.

Hand in poker

We are talking about hand in poker to designate a combination of cards defined according to the rules of this game. In the classic version of the poker which includes any joker and no added card, one hand is made up of 5 cards combined by a player than He will then compare those of his opponents.

You should know that here, the value of the hand is determined in the opposite proportion of its mathematical frequency. In other words, as much the combination of the cards will be unusual or atypical, the more the hand will be classified. When some players bet they have the best hand, the others must either concede or equal (follow) the bet. Know that they are players who often bluff by betting that they have the best hand when it is not. Some even manage to win by the bluff when players who have high hands do not call the bet.

The different hands in poker

From the weakest to the most powerful, the Hands in poker are generally classified as follows:

  • The pair made up of two equal value cards.
  • The double pair made up of a pair of two cards of equal value.
  • The combination of three cards having an identical value.
  • The fifth made up of five cards that follow each other and each having its own color.
  • The Flush which is a combination of five cards with the same color.
  • Full, a combination of a broker and a pair. In other words, it is made up of three cards of equal value and two others of equal value.
  • The square made up of four cards having an identical value.
  • The Flush fifth made up of five cards of the same color and which follow each other directly.
  • The Flush Royal Fifier. You have the most powerful combination of poker there. This hand is actually a flush fifth, except that it is made up of the highest cards of the game: the ten, the valet, the lady, the king and the AS.

If it happens that none of the players have one of these hands, the winner among them will be the one who has a higher value card. This is the principle of the map at the highest value which will be the same retained in the event of equality. As an illustration, you have two players each with a double pair of equal value, the one who wins in this case, will be the one who holds the isolated card whose value is the highest.

How to play poker?

The first thing to do when you are a beginner in poker is to learn and master his basic rules before even trying his luck on the tables. This game certainly includes several variants, but essentially, the difference between the basic rules of classic and modern poker is quite tiny.

Basic rules

A game of poker is played with a minimum of 3 players and 7 at most. As for the game, it is made up of 52 cards and tokens for the bets whose value differs. The objective of the game is to win all the bets during a tour, either by holding the best hand, or by the bluff by making your opponents believe that this is the case.

Once the cards are distributed, trading begins, which takes place in several laps. The two players on the left of the Croupier place the compulsory bets, which are billed even before the start of the auction. This is done to encourage players to play actively. These compulsory bets are called blinds.

The rules of the poker game involve the presence of certain actions that the player performs in the trading process:

Bet, (Bet) - Place a bet.

Reply, call (call) - Put the same amount as the opponent could - call.

Increase, increase (Increas) - Increase the rate - Put more than.

How to play poker L Learn how to play poker well (tutorial)

You have in this video all the information necessary to know how to play poker online and with friends. Poker rules.

Types De Poker

There are many Types or variants of poker. Texas Hold’em and in No-Limit are the most popular variants. You will find them very often in tournaments. In the Hold’em, each player receives two hidden and private cards that he must try to combine with the table of five common cards. This version is very easy to learn, even if its mastery takes time.

Omaha is another equally popular variant where four cards are distributed rather than two. Of course we do not forget the World Series of Poker. The Stud Poker is also part of the list. It is a game in which each player receives a mixture of cards facing hidden and visible face distributed in several auction laps. The cards distributed in front of each player are called closed cards, which gave birth to the common English expression Ace in the hole for any hidden advantage.

There are also other types of popular poker, such as the Double Hold’em, the 7 Card Stud, the 3 cards poker, le High/Low Chicago, le Follow The Queen, le Caribbean Stud and many others.

Real silver poker vs free poker

Real money poker is the best option if you want to win interesting "prize pools", which you can convert into huge gains. However, it is necessary to have good skills to be able to win. As for example, knowing how to determine which hands beat what, recognize a bluff and many others. If you plan to master the game, then opt for real money poker!

Free poker is an option that allows you to try your hands using fictitious money. This type of game is ideal for new poker players who want to train before moving on to paying mode. The casino in this case, provides you with a fictitious silver stack that you can sometimes use to challenge other poker players from around the world. You don't have to make money, you just have to create your account on the appropriate poker site and choose the game's demo mode.

Poker live vs poker en ligne

Although there are some major differences between these two options, the rules of the game remain identical.

Online poker is faster. Above all, it is much less risky, because you have the possibility of a player with very small sums. Also, this option is more accessible: you can play when you want and no matter where you are. The downside, however, is that you will be confronted with players that you do not know and that you cannot see. Knowing if your opponent bluff under these conditions is almost impossible.

Live or live poker for its part, offers you a more fun and above all more real game experience. However, this experience may be a little intimidating at the start for someone who takes their first steps in a game circle or in the casino.

How to find the best online poker sites

As with all other casino games, to find the best online poker site, you must necessarily be guided by a certain number of criteria. Here are those who have to guide you here:

  • The reliability and safety of the site: the equity of the game, the responsiveness of the customer support, the protection of your transactions and personal data are in particular the main elements to be taken into account here.
  • The operator's legality and reputation: the latter must operate with a legal exploitation license, issued by an independent regulatory authority recognized by the legislation of your country.
  • The variety of versions offered: choose for this purpose, a casino that offers all online/ or mobile poker variants.
  • The opinions and feedback from other players on the site in general (customer service, reversal of gains, equity of games, etc.)
  • The diversity of payment options accepted: the best online poker site is also the one that allows you to make your transactions (deposits and withdrawals) via several payment methods: credit cards, electronic portfolio, bank transfer , cryptocurrency, etc.
  • Software quality, etc. The site in question must collaborate with credible gaming providers and among the best in industry such as Evolution Gaming, MicroGaming, Play’n Go, Nettent, Isoftbet, and many others.

Video poker

Video poker or Video poker is an electronic device that has similarities with the slot machine. On the mechanical aspect, it is inspired by the closed poker or the Draw version. It was in 1970 that the first video poker appeared thanks to the computer and electronic revolution. But it was not until 1979 that this new game really experienced its boom.

This game is made up of several variants, the most famous of which are the Wild, Jacks Or Better, Bonus Poker, Tens Or Better, Double Bonus Poker and All American. Overall, the difference between all variants can be observed in the payments, paid combinations or even the presence of the Joker.

How to play video poker?

The video poker has many variants, but all are based on one of the simplest varieties of poker, the five cards draw. Here is a step by step guide to play:

  • Place credit in the video poker machine.
  • Make your bet.
  • Make a hit deal to receive your first five -cards poker hand.
  • Place or throw the cards that you do not consider useful (every five cards can be deposited or thrown).
  • Receive replacement cards from the same "virtual deck".
  • All gains are paid according to the table of earnings.

Play poker on your mobile

The main advantage of Play poker on your mobile, you can do it everywhere and at any time. In the cozy comfort of your chair, at the office, in transport or in a waiting room, you can relax by accessing the virtual room of your favorite casino from your portable device.

In addition, operators in collaboration with developers generally offer mobile versions that are compatible with all types of device. Thus, you can play mobile poker both on your Android phone, mobile tablet, PC and on your supports with iOS technology (iPhone, iPad, IPODS). There are even applications that you can directly install in your smartphone to enjoy the game in offline mode (in some cases) by playing against fictitious opponents.

Advice for poker players

If you want to be an excellent poker player, then follow and apply the ten regularly Advice for online poker players that follow. They will help you boost your performance every time:

  • Play the position, speaking for example to the last button: which allows you to have all the info on your opponents.
  • Learn to calculate the dimensions.
  • Show aggressive, it optimizes your chances of taking your hand.
  • Keep your cold regardless of the situation. Self -control is also the key to poker success.
  • Read a lot on poker: articles, magazines, works ...
  • Avoid playing by being under influence, for example alcohol or any drug.
  • Take notes often and are used to keeping traces of your sessions. This will help you a lot when you are faced with the same situations.
  • Question often. Make your self-criticism to determine the reasons for failure and sketch strategies accordingly.
  • Avoid distractions during the game: TV on, navigation on social networks at the same time as you play ...
  • Finally, have fun and have fun.


Whether you play online, on your mobile or even in a classic casino, poker remains one of the most exciting games of chance and money. Its popularity all over the globe is no longer to be demonstrated. It is a game that has several variants, each of them being relatively easy to handle. Also, we very much appreciate the fact that this diversity does not lead a segmentation of the rules which remain identical regardless of your choice. For the rest, the progress of a game of poker implies few complex situations and to become a good player, simply apply our advice to the letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game in the world by far.

There are three large variants of poker: closed poker, common card variants and studs. Each of these main categories is made up of several versions of poker.

Whatever the type of game, the most attractive bonuses are generally found on the most popular casino platforms and classified among the best.

The first factor to take into account on your online poker site is security. The sites tested by Ecogra and authorized by a recognized regulatory authority are the safest places to play.

In reality there is not a poker strategy that is better than another. Just respect the advice we gave you above.