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Terms of Service

This page presents the general conditions of use (CGU) of the Site gambling-sites-us.com The purpose of these terms are the legal supervision of the methods of provision of the site and the services and to define the conditions of access and use of the services by the "user".

Access to the site

The CasinOscenligne-francais.com site is free of charge to all lovers of online casino games. This access is available in any place and provided you have internet access. In addition, any user of the site is required to comply strictly in these general conditions of use. It is therefore enough to respect the rules established to take advantage of the offers of gambling-sites-us.com.

Casinosnligne-francais.com is a website related to gambling and chance, and related laws are applied, which means that it is user responsibility to ensure that it is eligible for Access our site or the websites linked to us.
We are affiliated websites for online casinos, so there are links to third -party websites that offer online gaming services, for which we can be paid. gambling-sites-us.com strongly recommends using information from our site with caution, remember that the game can be risky and can cause losses.

Personal data collection

Unlike an infinity of websites, casinosnligne-francais.com, does not collect data from its users. The platform is therefore not subject to the obligation to make a declaration to the National Information and Liberties Commission (CNIL). It is deduced from this that users of Casinosnligne-francais.com have no concern in having a possible fraudulent manipulation of their sensitive information from site managers.

Intellectual property

The CasinOscenligne-francais.com site uses a variety of content that belongs to it and are protected by the Intellectual Property Code and more particularly by copyright. These are texts, images, brand, sounds, logos and signs.

However, these content can be personally used by any user who wishes, in the form of publication or reproduction. In this case, the interested party must in this case a request for authorization. He must also commit to using content in a strictly private framework, knowing that any exploitation for advertising purposes or in the context of commercial activities is prohibited.

Likewise, the reproduction of all or part of the site is prohibited without an express authorization being previously granted, granted by its owner. Any offender at this provision is exposed to a sanction provided for in articles L 335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code. Note that as part of an authorized reproduction or publication, the author and its source must be the subject of a quote from the user concerned.


The CasinOscenligne-francais.com platform specializes in the development of online casino journals. However, its responsibility cannot be questioned for inconveniences known by a user on a fun establishment previously evaluated by the Site. It should also be specified that although you can access via links posted on its site, to other platforms, Casinosexenligne-francais.com cannot be designated responsible for possible inconveniences that you will experience on these platforms.

On the other hand, the site declines any responsibility in the event of modification of administrative and legal terms after their publication. The same goes for the interpretation or use of the information it contains.

Hypertext links

The site may contain hypertext links. These represent a shortcut to other sites. Users are aware of the fact that these links refer to other websites. Since the site has no control over the destination of these hypertext links, it cannot be held responsible for their content or the quality of your experience on the sites concerned.

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy Applies to website users, as well as the website itself. We take the confidentiality of our users seriously. This policy applies to all the data collected by us or provided by users as part of the use of the website.


Cookies represent an essential element of the operation of any website. These are small files that via the user browser are stored for a time on the latter's computer. They are anonymous and delivered with a single identifier. There are a multitude of cookies, some of which cease to operate as soon as you stop the site by the user and others work beyond. Unlike other sites, some cookies used by casinosese-francais.com do not collect personal data from site users. They exclusively aim to improve the user experience.

Navigation on the site has cookie acceptance value. However, the user has the possibility of deactivating them by simply configuring their browser.


These General Conditions of Use also govern the driving to be taken on the gambling-sites-us.com site. Are thus prohibited on the platform, acts of promoting hatred, racism or homophobia, whatever the form. Must also be avoided, derogatory comments, contrary to the spirit of conviviality. Site users are invited to strictly comply with these provisions for not being inflicted sanctions.


gambling-sites-us.com is free. You will therefore not have to pay any fees during the use of the services provided by the site.


As mentioned above, these general conditions of use are not final. They can therefore be changed. Also, it should be noted that the site cannot be held responsible for defects that would affect its content or any other drawback that you will undergo when browsing the site.
We try to make sure that the information contained on the site is correct and constantly updated. However, although we always try to ensure accuracy, we do not have any of the sites listed and are therefore not responsible for the errors observed as a result of modifications to the operators' offers. Thus, all the actions of the players are taken at their own risk, and we are not responsible for the actions undertaken as a result of inaccuracies.