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100% territories dedicated to entertainment with the added bonus of winning gains, the popularity of Online casinos keeps growing day by day. Only in the European space, there are about 3,800. If these playgrounds are purely lucrative companies, there is no shortage of generosity. Proof of this remarkable quality: bonuses. From the most popular to the least popular, from the oldest to the youngest, the online casinos offer bettors a variety of bonuses. What is a bonus? What are the different types? How do they work? Can we withdraw these bonuses? Are they accessible on a mobile device? We deliver to you in this article all the information you need to know about online casinos bonuses.

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What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a reward established by any fun establishment, intended for deserving bettors and accessible under specific conditions. Generally taking a pecuniary form, these generous offers from online casinos accompany players throughout their fun career. Whether grafted a deposit, deduces from the player's results or results from a payment method, casinos bonuses represent one of the attractions of virtual playgrounds.

Why do online casinos offer bonuses?

All online casinos you will see on the internet are delivered with a bonus grid. The reasons for this purely commercial strategy are at two levels.

Primo, by offering internet users bonuses, the purpose of any online casino is to bait them. Indeed, the universe of online gambling is characterized by an almost suffocating competition. In order to pour out of the game, fun establishments are obliged to set bonuses hoping that they attract internet users and push them to register. These offers of generosity are therefore decisive for the success of any fun establishment.

Second, the development of bonuses is motivated by customer loyalty. Obviously, succeeding in obtaining the registration of a bettor is not enough. You have to keep it, do not disappoint it afterwards.

Popular online casino bonuses

Online casinos offer all types of bonuses to attract new players and also keep existing members happy. The bonuses offered by online casinos include welcome bonuses, without deposit bonuses, free towers, bonuses for big players, and many others, take a look at the most often offered bonuses ::

The welcome bonus

As its name suggests, this bonus is intended to accommodate a new bettor. Welcome Bonus consists of a subscriber ranging from 25% to more than 200% on the first or the first 3 deposits of the customer.

The bonus without deposit

It is an offer specially intended for beginner bettors. Bonus without deposit Aims to allow them to train for free on certain casino games. Clearly, it allows the player to be entertained without making a deposit.

Free towers

The term ”tower” being specific to slot machines and designating each test or part of the game, the Free towers correspond to a given number of free tests offered. Each free round is a chance to win a victory.

Le bonus High Roller

He is imagined to encourage players combining strategy and big bets. Its value is determined on the basis of the volume of bets carried out by the beneficiary over a determined period.

The loyalty bonus

This is the bonus exclusively thought of to reward the loyalty of the bettors. The more you play and bet, the more you are eligible for this bonus. Although the loyalty bonus is similar to the High Roller bonus, the two should not be confused.

The cashback bonus

Still called reimbursement or insurance bonus It results in a refund of the entire or part of the bets of a player who recorded many losses. The condition to be fulfilled to benefit is therefore to lose.

The sponsorship bonus

It is a gratuity aimed at rewarding any bettor having recommended the site to one or more other bettors. Note, however, that any recommendation must be followed by an account opening.

The alternative payment mode bonus

It is a bonus relating to the means of payment Used by a player during a payment operation. The bettor is therefore rewarded when he uses the payment method to which the bonus corresponds.

The exclusive bonus

It is a bonus that is only granted to a player. This exclusive offer may depend on a date (birthday in particular), the regularity or performance of the person concerned.

The bonus on table games

As you can suspect, this bonus exclusively concerns table games, in particular the blackjack, Baccarat and roulette. It is assigned according to the player's performance.

The bonus free game time

It offers the beneficiary a period of time to play and bet for free. This bonus can vary from a few minutes to several hours.

Le sticky bonus

It is a particular form of bonus close to both loyalty bonus and welcome bonuses. He appeared in English -speaking casinos.

The encouragement bonus

Also known by the name of motivation bonuses, he is granted on request, to players who have exhausted their purse and demonstrate the ardent desire to continue to play.

The bonus match

It is a special bonus whose value is determined on each euro bet by the bettor.

Do casino bonuses are worth it?

In view of the explanations given above, the bonuses represent an essential point, both for online casinos and for bettors. These awards, whatever they are, bring a touch of beauty to the gaming experience while strengthening the marketing strategy of fun establishments. Knowing for example, that by making a payment of $ 50, you would get 100 $ to live your passion, is naturally an enticing idea. Just remove bonuses from casinos offers to see their attractiveness highly fall. All well considered, the bonuses are nowadays, essential for bettors. We deduce suddenly, that they are well worth a penalty. A games room without any bonus is clearly inconceivable today.

However, for some casinos, bonuses may not be worth it if they are not competitive. In other words, when they are too weak and are not up to the competition, it goes without saying that Internet users/bettors will not be seduced and by ricochet, will see elsewhere. The value of the bonuses is accordingly, a detail not to be overlooked.

How to choose the good bonuses?

From the welcome bonus to the bonus to the encouragement bonus, in the online gambling galaxy, the bonuses vary from one casino to another. This assumes that some offer less attractive offers than others. To benefit from the best bonuses, you must therefore make choices. In addition, to choose the right bonuses, it is important to take into account your tastes or expectations.

What to look for?

Choosing the right bonuses is far from the most complex thing to do on an online casino. If you want to take advantage of the best offers, just search for the most offering establishments. Between a site that offers a 50% bonus on your first deposit and another which offers 100%, obviously, it is the second that will have to be chosen. All information on the bonuses offered by casinos is accessible in magazines. However, to find in a short time what you are looking for, the ideal is to consult casinos comparisons on specialized platforms.

What are the conditions to receive a bonus?

Although they are similar, like the bonuses itself, the conditions of access are not identical on all fun companies. In addition, they differ depending on the type of bonus. For example, if a casino offers a welcome bonus of 100% up to $ 1,000 on the first two deposits of the bettor with a deposit limit of at least $ 20, the person concerned must make two payments above $ 20 before The bonus is not granted to him. Also, in the case of an alternative payment mode bonus, if the banking tools concerned are visa and skrill, you must absolutely choose one of these means to make your deposits before benefiting from the bonus.

Possibility of withdrawal or not of bonus money

The amount of online casino bonuses are exclusively intended for the game. It is therefore not possible to remove it. On the other hand, the gains obtained by playing with the amount of the bonus can be withdrawn if the conditions that accompany it are well respected.

How to claim casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses can be claimed. To do this, you must follow the steps fixed by the site. Indeed, the complaint process can vary from one casino to another. But, in general, it includes 2 steps:

  • Connect to the site, go to the checkout and make your 1is deposit;
  • Go to your email box, open the complaint email and click on "claim";

The bonus is automatically granted.

Put requirements

Still called Conditions of putting, the requirements of bet relate to a number of times given that you have to play the amount of a bonus before you can touch your earnings. As an illustrative basis, take the case of a 100% welcome bonus whose stake conditions are X8. If you deposit $ 50, you get 100 $. To be able to withdraw your earnings, you must first bet in total, $ 800.

Get a bonus from your mobile

The advent of Mobile versions of casinos is a revolution that aims to simplify life to the bettors by making the game accessible in any place and all hours. Likewise, whether it is an application or a working version via a browser, players benefit from almost all the services of the Casino website. Among other things, they have the possibility of carrying out deposit transactions and obtaining bonuses. Regarding the process of obtaining bonuses, it is the same as that prescribed on computer.


Very popular, casino bonuses are present from start to the end of the playful players. There are more than ten typologies of Casino bonuses whose welcome bonus, cashback bonus, exclusive bonus, encouragement bonus, free towers and loyalty bonus. Each of these offers is, however, delivered with well -defined conditions sometimes difficult to respect. So be sure to read the terms and conditions very carefully and always enjoy good bonus offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A casino bonus is a reward established by any fun establishment, intended for deserving bettors and accessible under specific conditions.

It is a bonus that is only granted to a player.

The new players are welcomed on the casinos by a welcome bonus.

The requirements of putting relate to a number of times given that one must play the amount of a bonus before being able to touch your earnings.

No, the amount of a bonus cannot be removed.

We can claim a bonus from a mobile device.

Yes, it is possible to remove the earnings obtained from a bonus.