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Casino payment methods

Credit cards, electronic portfolios, bank transfer, cryptocurrency ... Payment methods are now one of the main seduction tools Online casino. What is more, they constitute a key choice criterion which makes it possible to judge the credibility and reliability of virtual game sites.

It very often happens that the requirements attached to the deposit and withdrawal procedure vary from one online casino to another. So when you decide to play online, rest assured to choose the platform whose payment methods seem to you the most advantageous.

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History of online payments development

The development of online payments is essentially linked to the evolution of web technology which itself has led to the emergence of many efficient digital tools in all areas, including in the world of the bank And online games.

It was in 1984 that online payments appeared for the first time at the online casino, with the acceptance of debit cards. Initially, these cards are first of all accepted as payment methods for deposits. Their popularity and safety will then lead the e-cassinos to grant the players the opportunity to use them to remove their earnings after a victory.

Thus over the years and gradually, online payment methods will do their way on online game sites ... and today have more than sixty grouped into several main categories.

The available payment methods

Most virtual casinos today use almost all of the payment methods offered by conventional banks and online banks. Among these, players can mainly access the following categories:

Credit cards

The credit card is undoubtedly the best payment methods to play on an online Paris site. It is a practical, fast and safe way for your financial transactions: deposit as a withdrawal of money.

In addition, credit cards are widely available and very easy to use. They offer a more than interesting level of security, especially with operators like Mastercard, Visa and American Express ...

However, it is important to note that there are suppliers who refuse to ensure (or limit the amount) of transactions with casinos.

Debit cards

Like credit cards, debit cards are among the most popular payment options on online casinos. They are both suitable for deposits and withdrawals.

Whether locally or on the Internet, the appearance of debit cards has greatly contributed to revolutionizing the way we settle our transactions. Associated with the bank account, your credit card allows you, for example, to deposit money instantly on your casino account before playing.

The main debit cards accepted by the majority of casinos for real money games On the net are visa and mastercard.

Electronic porters

To generalize, the electronic wallet is a digital payment method that allows you to make purchases in shops or on the Internet, send or receive money. It is generally connected, to a bank card or prepaid.

The electronic portfolio can also be connected directly to a website which serves as an intermediary: in this case, you do not necessarily need to have a bank account to be able to take advantage of it. Suffice to say, this possibility will be very useful to you if you are the subject of a banking prohibition.

Finally, note that some electronic wallets are even accessible directly on your tablet or smartphone. This is the case of Paylib, Google Pay, but especially Paypal which is available on many online casinos.

The bank transfer

This payment option is used by almost all game platforms. It allows you in particular to transfer funds directly from your bank account to that of the casino by exchanging the details of your account. Banks carefully protect these transactions in order to guarantee the safety of your money and your personal information.

Online bank transfers are widely available for all types of payments. They constitute one of the best means of transfer and withdrawal of online funds for lovers of real money games: they are simple, practical and direct.


The cryptocurrency are for their part, a somewhat special means of payment. They are not yet generalized in the world, but you have some of the best online casinos that offer this option to their players to deposit and withdraw money.

Anyway, the democratization and dissemination of crypto has generated a strong multiplication of these virtual currencies in recent years ... with specially a rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum that we now find in the list of currencies accepted on certain e-cassinos.

To date have more than 100 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.

Popular credit and debit cards


Visa is an American company specializing in the supply of credit cards, debit and prepaid cards through various banks. The Visa card is the popular of all payment cards used on the planet.

The Visa card offers a safe, fast, practical, efficient and simple payment solution. It is also easily accessible to everyone. This is an option for which the quality and safety of transactions are largely guaranteed, which is why it is used by all casinos to allow you to withdraw your earnings in peace in the event of a victory.


This brand is undoubtedly one of the manufacturers of payment cards who enjoy very popularity in the world. Mastercard offers high quality service and its reputation is most brilliant. In this sense, it collaborates, with more than 25,000 banks and financial institutions worldwide.

To play online casino, however, we recommend that you opt for an international mastercard. There are some who are not indeed. The international mastercard has this advantage that it allows you to benefit from insurance in the event of fraudulent use.

This payment method is a boon for online players: it is available for the best casino games, in premium service, for deposits and withdrawals ... and your transfers are highly protected.

American Express

Still called Amex, American Express is one of the largest banking companies specializing in the distribution of debit cards, premium credit cards and checks. Because of its convenience and safety measures it offers, this banking option is widely accepted online, including some of the largest online casinos.

The game sites that accept American Express allow users to make safe deposits in a few minutes and remove the gains at any time, without hassle. In addition, the AMEX application, available for iOS and Android, allows players to always keep control and have all the information at hand.

Electronic wallets

Many online casinos also allow the use of electronic walks on their platform, whether to drop or withdraw money.

Among those who are the most popular, you have:


PayPal enjoys great popularity because of the security it ensures for the transfer of your funds and the total availability of its customer service (7 days a week and 24 hours a day). However, to take advantage of it you must necessarily have a PayPal account.

Not all online game platforms offer this payment option. But your Paypal casino is very advantageous, because the deposits and withdrawals are simple, fast and protected by SSL technology. And you can make them from your mobile.


Neteller is an electronic payment service that has existed since 1999. This allows its users to transfer funds with ease without exposing your bank data.

Neteller's service is one of those who have almost no flaw. In addition, some online gaming establishments allow you to get a bonus when you use this option. However, it is still impossible to make deposits by this channel on online casinos for players who are in USA.


Skrill is an excellent electronic payment portfolio to bet online. In addition to offering free registration, Skrill allows its users to make deposits and withdrawals securely on game sites.

Apart from the checks that are required during the first use, all the transactions made from this digital portfolio are ultra fast and simple. Be careful however, Skrill reserves the right to deire costs in certain cases.


Ecopayz is one of the most used electronic wallets in the world. Installation for international funds transfers, this British payment solution is used by millions of individuals worldwide.

The opening of the Ecopayz account is free and it gives you access to several practical, instant, fast, safe electronic, safe and available electronic payment options, especially on the best canvas casinos: Classic, Gold, Silver, Platinum, VIP , etc.

Online bank transfers

Online banking transfers have recently become more democratized. This, thanks to adoption at the level of states and financial institutions, regulatory instruments and protection tools all optimized to make this solution more transparent and safer for users.

Performing a bank transfer on an online casino is very easy, you just need to follow the following steps:

  • Access the cash register section of your online casino account and select "Remove"
  • Select the bank transfer as a payment method
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer and the bank details requested by the website. Keep in mind that there may be a minimum amount of deposit established by the casino
  • Perform any security control put in place by your bank. This can be a code that you receive by SMS or a special password that you must enter
  • Wait for your funds and start playing once they are available. It can take a few working days

With regard to withdrawals, withdrawing funds from your casino account is not a difficult process. You just have to make sure to respect all the conditions established by the casino, such as the minimum amount which must be on your casino account to remain active and the maximum amount that you can withdraw at one time. Here is the procedure to follow for this purpose:

  • Go to the Casino cash register section and select "withdrawal"
  • Choose the bank transfer as a withdrawal method and enter the amount you want to withdraw. There will be some details to fill the first time
  • Check that your bank details are correct and accept the bank charges that will be indicated to you. They are generally quite low
  • Click withdraw, then wait a few days for the casino and the bank to deal with the transaction. You can then take advantage of your newly obtained funds.

Overall, it will generally take 1 to 5 working days before the funds transferred by bank transfer to an online casino arrive in a player's account. This time of prolonged delay is mainly due to the fact that this payment method requires the supply of supporting documents by users.

Outline payment methods

In this section, the best payment options offered by certain online games are Eckeck, Wester Union and offline bank transfer.


Echecks or electronic checks (digital) appeared over 20 years ago. Due to the important guarantees they offer in terms of security for transactions, they were quickly adopted as a popular online payment tool.

In addition, this solution is a little more advantageous than credit cards: the costs retained on fund transfers by Echeck are a little lower. When you play with real money on online casino, electronic checks allow you to make deposits and withdrawals safely for your bank details.

Western Union

Launched in the United States in 1832, this financial company offers one of the oldest and most known local and international payment solutions in the world. This operator is more focused on transfers of type " cash-to-cash ». Finally, Wester Union is present in 200 countries.

Bank wire transfer or bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is a means to which players around the world are widely used. However, it is not as used by the latter as other solutions.

Although it is secure indeed, the bank transfer has large drawbacks, in particular with regard to the transaction costs which are higher. In addition, you have to wait 3 to 5 days sometimes for your account to be credited after a transfer.


Cryptocurrencies are increasingly taking place in the list of payment methods used by online casinos. This is specially bitcoin and Ethereum.


Bitcoin is the most used virtual currency on the planet. Likewise, this is one of the few to be accepted by many online Paris sites. Overall, the treatment of Bitcoin transactions at the casino is carried out much faster and this also involves reduced costs compared to other payment solutions.

Finally, these transactions take place in all discretion, your identity being protected: deposits and bitcoin withdrawals are made in anonymity.


Many players are getting more and more for Ethereum casinos due to the advantages they present compared to classic games. About these advantages, this is particularly the guarantee of anonymity and the safety of your transactions.

Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can also take advantage of several other cryptocurrency payment solutions such as Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ripple, etc.

Deposits and withdrawals via mobile payments

As for Casino Mobile Deposits and withdrawals from your smartphones, there are also fairly popular and reliable local solutions. We can cite for example:


Zimpler is a secure payment method that has no defect. It allows you to deposit money at the casino or to recover your earnings with confidence from your Android phone.

Launched in 2016 by the Smart Payments Nordic group, this payment solution is particularly suitable for lovers of Swedish or Finnish Egaming. This tool allows instant transactions, and all your payments are recorded in the history so that you can consult them at any time.


Boku is a SMS payment method launched in 2009. This allows you to make your payments with your mobile package. On the e-cassinos that offer this solution, you can deposit your funds directly from your mobile.

With this method, you do not need to indicate certain sensitive cordonnes: name and first name, account number ...


Created in 2016, Pay4it is an accessible payment solution throughout the United Kingdom. It is detained and used jointly by the Mobile Networks EE, 3, Vodafone UK and O2.

Usable for several actions (purchase of applications, videos, games, etc.), it is also possible to use it for deposit and withdrawal operations on online casinos which accept this mode of payment .

Overall, it is a simple and fast option that allows casino players to deposit funds directly via their mobile device.

How to choose a payment method

There are a number of things that you must necessarily take into account when you join an online casino. This is the particular case of the payment method that you want to use to make your deposits and withdrawals.

Relative to the selection of payment mode which will perfectly meet your expectations, here are the main aspects that must guide you:

  • The list of payment options offered by your casino
  • The possibility of depositing the funds and accessing your earnings via an electronic wallet, a credit/debit card (visa, mastercard, etc.), a crypto-devise (bitcoin, etc.), by bank transfer, by offline payment , etc.
  • The possibility of making your deposits and withdrawals with the same payment method (this is not possible in many online casinos)
  • The conditions and restrictions linked to your withdrawals via a given payment solution
  • Safety, reliability and speed of the payment method ...


As you can notice, the vast majority of online casinos offer various payment solutions today. And depending on the case, some of these solutions are more optimized and much more accessible than others. We can mainly cite in this sense, credit cards, debit cards and electronic portfolios for their simplicity, speed and high level of safety they guarantee. Besides, before choosing one way rather than another, always check that it is one of the options offered by your casino ... and above all, follow the advice that is given to the letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

The allocation of bonuses by online casinos is generally accompanied by certain requirements of bet. If you have taken care to respect them all, then you can ask to receive the money earned thanks to the bonus at any time.

The withdrawal methods available on your online casino are generally made up of credit/debit cards (visa, mastercard) and electronic wallets like Paypal and Skrill. Some game sites also proceed by bank transfer.

It depends on the payment method used. For certain options, you have transaction costs that are taken and for others not. To be sure, just check the transfer conditions applied for each payment solution proposed by the casino.

Almost all casinos offer the deposit bonus. This is generally granted to welcome new players who are first of all. Before, to take advantage of it, you had to deactivate a code just after creating your account. But casinos now combine links with each bonus, and you just have to click on it to get any bonus.

Possible earnings and the promise of impressive jackpots push many players to play online casino with real money. Before starting anything, you should know that the RTP percentage varies depending on online casinos and game themes, especially with online slot machines. E-cassinos can sometimes offer dozens, even hundreds of versions of these real money games.