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Baccarat advice

The fact that there is no safe system to win the Baccarat does not mean that you have to flambé your money. Baccarat is not the bingo, some tips can help you in your game and increase your chances of winning.

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Knowing the rules of the game is necessary to understand how the game will take place. A beginner player should first register on a beginner's table in the baccarat in order to be able to learn all the strings of this game. Online baccarat sites offer specific start -up modes, you can get some good advice on The methods that will allow you to win Baccarat. There is little difference between the regular baccarat and Online baccarat, then learn things and movements will be doubly effective for you.

These tips are intended for Baccarat players who try to use a strategy to increase their chances of winning and they apply specifically to online game, rather than the game in a real casino. They apply in particular to players using a strategy or a system. There are no things here that will bring you an advantage; Just good advice.


Before playing in a new casino, first check that the chances for Paris in Baccarat are correct. The Bank's normal commission is 5%, but some casinos take up to 25% commission on this bet. Some casinos offer commissions of less than 5% too, which is huge, so pay very attention to them. The player's normal chances should be equal (1: 1). It never varies. Equality almost always has a chance in 8 to go out, which is obviously a terrible value and a bet that should be avoided.

Do not bet on equality

An important and very clear thing is that you should never bet on equality. The bank takes a commission of 14.36%, it is even worse than betting a 4 in CRAPS.
So why so many Baccarat players are betting? Because it pays 9 against 1. It is true that this coast is very attractive, and for some, even irresistible. The problem is that equality only occurs about once every 10 hands. The bets on a draw could report big. But you are more likely to lose your capital on what professional baccarat players consider a bad bet.

Bet on the banker

The bank commission is 1.24%. The commission on the banker's side is 1.09%, even with the 5% commission which is taken from the winning hands. So you shouldn't be a very big mathematician to understand that it is better to put yourself on the side of the banker. Statistics say that you should play on the banker's side to get a better chance of winning.

If you use a progressive betting system, bet on the laying

This advice may seem to contradict that above. After all, we advised you the banker. Now we advise you to bet on the laying.

Why ?

You have a better chance of winning any hand by betting on the banker than on the laying, it is obvious. But there are situations where the latter ultimately is the optimal choice.

That's why…

Many people swear by progressive Paris systems. The best known is the Martingale system, which involves double the amount of your bet after each loss. The problem with the use of such a system by betting the banker is the commission.

Here is an example …

Suppose you make four losers, followed by a fifth winning bet. For the first four bets, you set up $ 25, $ 50, $ 100 and $ 200 (double your bet after each loss). You bet 400 $ on the fifth bet.

On the first four Paris, you lose $ 375. With the winning bet of $ 400, you receive a payment of $ 380 ($ 400 less per 5%). So you get a profit of $ 5.

If you had bet on the laying, you would have obtained more. You would have obtained a profit of $ 25 because you will not have had to pay the committee.

If you use a progressive betting system, bet on the laying.

Try to bet on a model

This tip is not made so that you can increase your chances of winning in the long term, it is rather planned to make the game more attractive. There are several ways to engage in model bets.

Try for example alternative bets. Bet on laying during the first hand, on the banker in the second hand, laying it in the third hand and so on.

You can also bet by band. For example, betting on the banker until the player wins three hands. Then bet on the laying until it loses. When this happens, take the cycle by betting on the banker and take the cycle.

Here is another model betting method: bet on the banker by modifying the amount of your bets depending on if it is the banker or the player who wins a given hand. For example, if the banker wins, bet 10 $ on the next hand. For example, if the laying wins, bet 5 $ on the next hand.

Again, the models models will not increase your chances of winning. But the game will be much more fun to play. You will have an occupation rather than just waiting for the result of each hand while the software does for you.

Define limits of play and time

Baccarat is a quick game. You could be taken in the heat of the action, which often leads to excessive bets or very long games over time. Before you start playing, define your capital and give yourself a time limit. Once you have lost your capital, it's time to stop playing, at least for the day. When the weather is over, you should at least take a break. It is also strongly recommended to set a ceiling of earnings. When you reach this amount, it's time to rest on your laurels. Of course, none of this is important if you do not have the discipline to comply with it.

Do not ignore the periods

This challenges luck, but periods of losses sometimes extend beyond reason. If you like to play on the banker and the laying wins three times in a row, take a short break until the sequence ends. No need to try the fate.

Practice, practice, practice

If you have the possibility of playing online baccarat for free, you can take advantage of this opportunity. By investing a little time to play the game for free, you take advantage of free training on the game to learn to play it and know how Paris strategies affect your game.

Read the small lines

Before you start, you should check all the terms of the casino with which you play. Many sites do not allow Baccarat to be played in the conditions of normal impairment to release bonus money. If they allow, they can force you to play more than you would have to play on other games. It is best to know everything in advance, so always check the small characters.