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All about sports betting

Since its advent in the world of gambling, the sports bet has been revealed as the favorite activity of sports lovers. Each week, in Online casinos And on the best sports betting sites in the game, millions of coupons are validated around the world. Still profane, you aim to join the ranks of the biggest bettors in the sports field. In order to ensure successful integration, we offer a complete guide where you will discover among other things the different types of bets, dimensions, Paris sites in the sector where to register and the sports on which it is possible to bet .

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Sports betting: definition and history

Literally, a sports bet is a bet with the object of a sporting event. Clearly, it consists in betting a certain sum of money on the outcome of an activity of the sports world (all sports combined) or the occurrence of certain facts of play (a warning, an exclusion or the inscription of a Or several goals by a particular player, for example in terms of football). the sports bet Suddenly presents itself, as a game essentially based on chance. The player wins a gain when his prediction is realized and loses his bet in the opposite case. But what to remember from the history of this typology of gaming money?

Well! Sports betting has a long history that dates back to prehistoric times. The fights between men were then a very widespread activity. They aroused a great passion within the peoples and were an opportunity for spectators to conclude small bets on the winner. These forecasts also took place within the framework of major competitions, notably among the Romans and the Greeks. We could then attend a variety of fights such as those of gladiators, those opposing wild beasts or those putting men and felines. Marked by archaism and cruelty at the start, boosted by the media, in particular television, sports betting will experience progressive development over the centuries with the appearance of several disciplines (football, horse race, tennis, etc.).

The different types of sports betting

There are two major sports betting classes that are: simple bets and complex bets. A bet is qualified as simple when it is a single bet. In general, it relates to the end result of a sporting event. The player then relies on a victory or a draw (the 1x2). This is particularly the case for the bet on the winner which consists in predictive of the victory of a camp. The advantage of the simple bet lies in the fact that it increases the chances of winning a gain.

Regarding complex bets, they include several types of issues as presented below.

The combined bet - He encompasses several simple bets in the same bet. Still designated "parplay" or "accumulator", the combined bet allows the player to benefit from a more or less and leaving coast, to hope for a greater gain than that proposed for a simple bet.

The double bet - There is nothing more than a particular form of combined bet which rewards from two correct predictions. Consequently, it must include at least three forecasts. A specific formula makes it possible to determine the value of the gain to be attributed.

The “Double Chance” bet - dedicated to collective sports, especially football, this type of bet has a double possibility of winning a gain. So he offers three options to bet: "Home victory + draw", "outside victory + draw" and "Home victory + outside victory".

The bet "winning" or "placed" - This is a long -term bet by which you can bet on the end result of a sports competition, more specifically the winner or the position of a team in the end ranking. He is "winning" in the first case and "placed" in the second.

The "more/less" - still known by the term "under/over", the "more/less" is a bet exclusively devoted to the number of goals or points likely to be registered, especially in a football, tennis or basketball match. This is a bet on total points.

Handicap bet - As its name suggests, the handicap bet is really handicapping when you do not control the rules, which are complex to say the least. Represented by the prediction of the result of a match during which a team benefited from an addition of points or received a sanction, this type of bet relates mainly to rugby and sports highly practiced in America.

The bets known as "half-time/end of the match" (or Halftime/Fulltime) -It is a question here of prediction as well the result at halftime and the final outcome of a sports meeting. The two bets must be fair for the player to be rewarded.

Le « Score correct » - This type of bet simply consists of betting on the scoring of a match.

The died to face - Very popular in the golf world, it allows you to bet on the winner of a two tournament.

Live bets

They are undoubtedly, those who provide the most chills. As their names so clearly indicates, live or live bets, unlike other types of bets, consist of betting on a sporting event during its progress. This assumes that you must follow the meeting for a while to place your bet. If they offer the bettor to rely on more precise data, the ratings in the case of Live Bet are not stable.

Paris on exchanges

Apart from the bet typologies addressed above, there is a special category that should fill your expectations: betting on exchanges. The specialty of these types of bets lies in their basic principle that the player is betting not against the bookmaker, but rather another player. He also plays, with his own dimensions.

As an illustrative basis, take the case of a football match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona with the following odds: 1.5 for the Real Madrid victory and 2.5 for that of Barcelona. As a big fan of the Merengues, you have two options to bet on the victory of Real Madrid.

1st option (ordinary bet) - You bet directly on the victory of Real Madrid which would report in the event of a correct result, your bet multiplied by 1.5. Otherwise, you are not entitled to any gain.

2nd option (Paris exchanges) - By putting yourself in the role of the bookmaker, you are betting on the defeat of FC Barcelona. In the event of Real Madrid's victory, you leave with your bet that will be made to you by the bettor against which you played. On the other hand, if Barcelona wins the match, you will have to pay the other player, the amount corresponding to your bet.

Note that the exchanges of Paris or Betting Exchange are only offered by a handful of bookmakers.

The different types of ratings

If there is one element that attracts players more than any other than any other bet, it is the rating. Consisting of a generally three -digit number, the rating determines the potential gain that you can collect according to the amount you bet. In addition, through its value, the rating allows bettors to get an idea of the probability that their bet to be a winner or losing.

The rating can take several faces.

The minimum rating

It is a rating whose value is extremely low. It thus generally revolves around 1.10 and translates the high probability of the result in question. Forner, when a rating is minimal, this supposes that the chances that the prognosis to which it applies is made are high. This type of rating is often offered by bookmakers when there is a large level imbalance between two teams or two opponents who compete. This is for example the case with a Premier League match between Manchester City and Crystal Palace. The victory of the Cytizens being almost certain, the applied rating would undoubtedly be, minimal.

The maximum rating

It is at the opposite of the minimum coast. A rating is indeed, said maximum when it has a higher or lower value. Without limit, it can reach impressive figures like 500 or more. Nevertheless, if the maximum ratings have something to excite the bettors, they have a significant drawback. In reality, the higher the rating, the more the probability that the result or the situation in question materializes is low. As part of a football match, the allocation of a red card to a determined player, the victory of a small team against an ogre, the inscription of a quadruple by an attacker, are all facts to which a maximum dimension would apply. There is suddenly, a big risk of losing by betting on such situations; Hence the need to be cautious.

The rating for Paris Mutuelles

It’s the prerogative of horse racing. Unstable, it evolves between the moment you record your bet and the outcome of the sporting event concerned. Obviously, this character of the rating for Paris Mutuals satisfies few players as soon as it modifies the potential gain to be won by the latter.

The fixed rating

If it is also likely to be modified, the fixed rating is distinguished by the fact that it is maintained for the calculation of gains in the event of victory. This supposes that it spares the bettor of the inconvenience caused by the variation of the rating between the recording of the bet and the end of the meeting on which it carries.

Cost formats and their calculation system

There are three rating formats: European format, English format and American format.

European format

It is the one presented by the decimal ratings. Still greater than 1, the latter often have two figures after the comma. Particularly appreciated for its simplicity, this format is by far the most used in Europe. 1.16, 1.05, 3.50, 20.62 are some examples of European coast format. As for the calculation of the gains, it simply consists in multiplying the amount required by the value of the rating.

English format

Among the British, the rating takes the form of a fraction and your earnings are calculated exactly as in the case of European dimensions.

Example: 5/2, 14/4, 21/17.

To obtain the equivalent of these dimensions in European format, they must be added by 1.

The American format

This format offers positive dimensions and negative dimensions, more precisely, values preceded by symbols (+) or (-). The dimensions can also be displayed in a decimal form. As an illustration, we can cite: +120, +35, -70, -250.

The calculation system varies here depending on whether it is a negative or positive dimension.

For a negative rating, the gains are calculated on the basis of the following formula:


On the other hand, in the case on a positive side, we have: bet*(rating/100).

First steps with online bets

You will find in this part of our article, some ideas for successful entry into the world of online sports betting.

How to place a sports bet?

There are infinity of sports activities on which you can bet. To place your bet, so you must first select the event. Ideally, it must be an event that you are passionate about and whose operation you know. Then take a look at the proposed odds. For a simple bet on a match (tennis, football, for example), you will have to choose between a victory and a draw knowing that the less the rating of a result is high, the stronger its probability. Your goal must be to ensure the maximum chance of winning. Once your choice is made, it only remains to validate it and pay. Note that you can place an online bet only with $ 1. In addition, upstream of the process is the detention of an account on a bookmaker.

Concept of value bet, coverage of a bet and arbitration bet

Particularly beneficial for bookmakers, value is a key concept in terms of online bet. It results in a margin that the Paris site allows itself to hide on the coast. This is how she is assimilated to a battery or face game.

Bet coverage, on the other hand, is a strategy by which a betture surfs on a favorable situation to gain a gain. Finally, we are talking about arbitration bet when a bet is placed on both parts of the market with the guarantee that the player will obtain a reward.

Why is it important to bet at the best side?

Sports betting represent a game of chance where the risk of losing money is great. Bet at the best rating will allow the player to increase his chances of winning a gain.

Notion of stake

The markup is a strategy whose purpose is to ensure optimal management of its scholarship on the bettor. It consists in setting limits to the amounts that can be engaged in a bet. Thus, the jealous plan will allow you to rationalize your bets while keeping a chance of winning.

What to bet?

As we mentioned above, the sporting events offered at the bet by the bookmakers are multiple. They integrate both collective sports and individual activities. We can cite football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, golf, rugby, cycling, Formula 1, athletics and handball. All competitions relating to each of these disciplines are taken into account.

Sports betting bonuses

Like virtual casinos, bookmakers offer a bonus for any new registration on their platform. Generally of 100 $, this kitty takes the form of a refund of the first bet losing in cash or through freebets. However, it is accompanied by more or less rigid conditions of bet which do not always facilitate access. In addition, other bonuses such as bonuses on payment and prognosis competitions can be granted under specific conditions.

Which sports betting site to choose?

Sports betting sites swarm on the net and offers are not always the same from one company to another. It is then necessary to look for the most efficient to live a quality experience. To make the right choice, you must take into account criteria that are in particular:

Site notoriety - The notoriety of the site is a criterion of choice. Indeed, the more positively known the site, the more interesting that its offer is interesting, but above all secure.

Security - In terms of security, the encryption of given on the site and its license go hand in hand. If the first guarantees you to enter your data without fear that it will be stolen from you, the license of the site allows you to judge its reliability.

Paris offers - The Paris offer is more interesting if you can find a wide variety of sports discipline and completions. This allows you to have the choice to bet on what you master best. Your chances are only better.

Bonuses and promotions - The generosity of the casino in terms of bonus and promotion is a criterion to consider. They participate in your game experience, and can be your salvation at the end of a difficult bet.

Customer support - Available in your language, by cat, by call, reactive, etc. This is as much quality that customer support should have to promote you a good game experience.

Paris on mobile

Technological progress makes access to sports betting on mobile terminals possible. This assumes that you can bet on your favorite players and teams wherever you are and at any time.

Can sports betting are profitable?

Since they are mainly based on luck, profitability should not be an objective when it comes to sports betting. However, if you are a big lucky, you can occasionally win, colossal winnings. Therefore, it is important not to make sports betting its main or only source of income. In addition, it will be necessary to play in moderation at the risk of falling into dependence.

Advantages and disadvantages of sports betting


- an easy access game

- a variety of Paris options

- the possibility of buying occasional gains

- An exciting entertainment


- A risk of addiction

- risk of undergoing large losses

- the weakness of certain dimensions


In short, if they seem difficult, sports betting are not inaccessible for beginners. You only have to prepare in advance by impregnating yourself with the different Paris options and the basic principles of the game to get started in the deep end. Be sure to choose the right bookmaker and not to be added.

A sports bet is a bet with the object of a sporting event.

Yes. You can bet for example on tennis and formula 1.

This is a three -digit number that determines the potential gain that you can collect according to the amount you bet.

The minimum rating, the maximum rating, the fixed rating and the rating for Paris Mutual.

European format, English format and American format.

Yes, this is possible thanks to the mobile version of bookmakers.