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Blackjack card counting guide

Among the blackjack techniques is the counting of cards. This is a strategy that consists in knowing all the cards that are not yet drawn. Clearly, the player carefully follows the cards draw in order to estimate the number of weak or strong cards remaining to be distributed. However, perfect mastery of the rules of the game is necessary for the implementation of this technique.

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History of cards counting in blackjack

Regarding its history, the counting of cards is a technique invented by Edward Thorp. Indeed, the latter published, in 1962, in a book entitled "Beat the Dealer" the very first card counting strategy. Revolutionary, this system called "Top-Ven" is the most effective of all in terms of blackjack. Faithful to the title of the book, it really allowed bettors to benefit from a substantial advantage over the casino and by ricochet, to be more likely to win gains. If some criticisms fall on "Beat the Dealer" the first weeks following its publication, the book became, however, surfing the power of the counting strategy it conveys, a bestseller.

However, the American is not the first to think about cards counting, as a means of increasing his chances of winning blackjack. Long before him, in 1949, a cards counting technique was developed by the nuclear physicist Jess Marcum. This is a point counting strategy, considered one of the best, want to know more about the card counting technique? Read rather!

Different cards counting steps

Cards counting is a stratigary blackjack which takes place in several stages, ranging from the attribution of a value to the cards to the modification of the bets.

The attribution of a value to the cards

This is the first arrangement to take. For a successful cards count, you must, upstream, give each card, a different value of its traditional value. When you decide to opt for the most widespread card counting technique in the world, in this case, the hi-lo, you are enough for the standard value of each card, to add, to subtract 1 or Do not react. Clearly, the values to be attributed to the cards arise as follows.

From 2 to 6: +1

From 7 to 9: 0

From 10 to AS: -1

The cards counting process

The properly called cards counting includes two sub-steps that are the running and the True Count.

Designated ‘’ Current account ’’ in American, the Running Count is a strategy which consists in counting after each distribution of cards, by making additions and subtractions. This work must be done every turn. Note that the casino will have more more when the counting is negative. Otherwise, it is the player who is advantaged.

Disadvantaged by cards counting systems, casinos developed a tip to annihilate meters: the use of several card games. The True Count (real count, in American) is a response to this stratagem. This strategy consists in calculating a "real number" or a number per game. To do this, the current account must be divided by the number of remaining decks. The real counting has the gift of revealing to the bettor its advantage at any level of a part of Blackjack with several games.

The modification of bets

This is the last step or the direct consequence of a blackjack cards count. It is simply a question of reviewing the value of your increasing or downwards depending on the result of the cards counting.

Tips to perfect your cards counting techniques

In love with the concept of blackjack cards counting, have you already experienced it a few times without your expectations being fully filled? You don't have a perfect mastery of techniques yet? By following the following advice, failing to match the performance of students from the group "Mit Blackjack" and their professor of the American University Massachusetts Institute of Technology who are famous for disgusting the Casinotiers de Las Vegas, you can become a formidable player. here are some counts the blackjack which can be useful.


Whatever the area concerned, to improve, you have to train. Training is undoubtedly, the best way to assimilate the subtleties of card counting techniques. Practice blackjack online for free, it has, especially the advantage of allowing you to play in conditions similar to those of a casino, without however spending your money. You can train solo or team. Favor group training. And to top it off, treat yourself to the film ‘’ Las Vegas 21 ’’ and follow it from start to finish.

Contact a coach

Still at the quest for perfection, be sure to call on a coach. Today, there are coaches specializing in card counting. With him, you can benefit from quality support for quick results.

Get away from the playgrounds

While you are working to become an expert in blackjack cards, do not frequent casinos. Nevertheless, you can continue to live your passion for blackjack by playing in Online casino.

Different card counting techniques

There are several card counting techniques. Among them are the hi-lo, the running running and the True Count.


As mentioned above, the Hi-Lo is the most used counting technique in casinos. It is based on the attribution of a value to each card from the hoof. These values are +1 for cards from 2 to 6, 0 for cards from 7 to 9 and -1 for logs (10, valet, king, queen, as). Once the values are attributed to the cards, it will be enough to make a count by applying the techniques of the running and the True Count.

Running Count Vs True Count

Running Count is to count the value of the cards as they are distributed. In other words, you must add or subtract the values with each card draw. In order for the advantage of the house to decrease, the result of the Running Count must be positive.

On the other hand, the True Counting is a technique specially developed to protect the card storyteller when the casino uses several card games in a game of blackjack. It makes it possible to determine a "real number" or one number per game by dividing the current account by the number of remaining packages.

Advantages and disadvantages of cards counting

Like all game techniques, cards count has both advantages and disadvantages.


The blackjack is a complex table game. However, the Blackjack rules are not very simple, using a technique such as cards counting, the player gives himself an advance on the casino. Indeed, this strategy allows the player to increase considerably, his chances of winning by providing for the result of each game part. In other words, you will have the opportunity to know during the course of the game if you have the 'Advantage or not. The counting of the cards guarantees, in clear, on the clock, the mastery of the outcome of the parties. Consequently, without risking being mistaken, you can increase your prediction of a victory or on the contrary, decrease it in anticipation of a loss.

The inconvenients

If he was the strength of the students of the “Mit Blackjack” team and their professor at the American University Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1996, the cards counting technique is nowadays, difficult to implement in Casinos. Because unlike the era of the group previously mentioned, several arrangements are taken by the playgrounds to complicate life to card meters. These include the use of several card games, the reduction in the number of cards drawn before a mixture and the reduction in the game frequency.


Card counting is one of the most popular blackjack strategies. Simple to practice, it includes several techniques, the best known of which is undoubtedly, the hi-lo. However, if the cards count has substantial advantages, it is not without insufficiency. Make sure this strategy in free game mode before starting to play with real money, like any other casino game, it is good to learn the rules and strategies for free until you feel confident in your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a strategy that consists in knowing all the cards that are not yet drawn.

There are several cards counting techniques including the hi-lo, the running running and the True Count.

To improve your cards counting techniques, you must train solo as in a team, call a coach and temporarily move away from the playgrounds.

Yes, this technique allows you to master the outcome of the parties.

No, no blackjack rule prohibits the implementation of such a technique.