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Online slot machines

Occupying the first ranks in USA and in many countries of the world in terms of entertainment, casino games are experienced every day, by millions of gamers. If table games (Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat) contribute considerably to this almost planetary success, it goes without saying that the slot machines constitute the n ° 1 attraction of the purists. Proof of this predominance, penguin bandits constitute the most represented game typology on all online casinos.

Are you a beginner in terms of online gambling? Want to taste the exceptional sensations of slot machines? Here is everything you need to know about the most popular virtual casino games!

Online casinos with the best slot machine games 2022

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Description and history

Also known as "bandit penguin", "bandit with an arm" "slit" and "slot", the slot machine is a game of chance requiring any particular skill that is played on a mechanical or electronic device. It simply consists of turning rolls. To do this, when it comes to a mechanical device, you must insert one or more parts into a dedicated slit and press a button or activate a handle. On the other hand, for an electronic slot machine, simply define your bet and click on the control that is needed. After each rotation, the device displays a variety of symbols on its coils. The latter include, among other things, figures (7 in particular), fruits (oranges, watermelons, cherries, etc.) and stars. The words "bar" and "jackpot" can also appear on the screen. The goal of an arm bandit is to get a winning combination of symbols on the coils. But, what to remember from The story of a slot machine This fascinating casino game?

The slot machine appeared in the 19th century in the United States. The very first specimen was, in fact, developed in 1894 by the German Charles Auguste Fey. It was then, a disc machine called "horseshoe" (horseshoe in English). Far from being limited to this creation, the German inventor develops, a year later, a new model of slot which he baptized "4-11-44". This machine is delivered with 3 concentric casters and a string of possibilities. But the story does not end there. Because, tirelessly at the quest for improvement, Charles Auguste Fey invented in 1897 a three -roll slit. It was the beginning of an era of increasingly advanced slot. Among the creations that marked this era are Card Bell and Liberty Bell. Nowadays, penguin bandits display superb graphics and cutting -edge features.

VS Video Machines Slot Machines

Still called "traditional slot machines", classic slot machines represent, as their name suggests, the first models of slots. They are characterized by 3 or 5 mechanical rollers and a single payment line. We find on these slots primitive symbols such as the figure 7 and fruit. They also offer unwilling themes and few features. Rare, this type of penguin bandits remains accessible in certain casinos.

On the other hand, stars in the slots category, the video slots symbolize modernity. If the classic slots have mechanical rollers, these embark on a screen on which the rolls are displayed. Some models have more than 5 rolls. But, it's not round! The video slots are multi-line. This assumes that they are delivered with a large quantity of payment lines. Being up to 100, these lines clearly increase the chances of victory for the players. In addition, thanks to their advanced technology, the slot machines will amaze you with their exciting features. By opting for this type of game, you can take advantage of a captivating sound background and brilliant animations. On the thematic side, these bandits with an arm incorporate attractive subjects such as among others, that the Roman gods, the gods of Egypt, the sun, imaginary characters and stories of films.

The different types of slot machine games

From classic slots to 3D slots, the Galaxy of Casino Games is full of several typologies of penguin bandits.

Classic slots

These are the oldest slots. Mechanical type, they have a single payment line and 3 or 5 rolls. The classic slot machines therefore offer few possibilities on the bettor. They also use symbols that are between fruit (cherry, oranges, etc.) and the number 7 as well as the word "bar".

Video slots

Unlike classic slots, video slots arrive with a slew of payment lines. Depending on the game models, there are 25, 50 or 100. Regarding rollers, electronic, they are generally 5, but can go up to 7. At the forefront of technology, video slots promise you A fun experience rich in color with exciting features, exhilarating sounds and quality animations.

Progressive slot machines

Still called slot machines Progressive jackpot, these games offer players the opportunity to become a millionaire by winning a jackpot. These are indeed, interconnected slot machines. Consequently, all the bets made on each of these games are transferred to a common pot.

3D slot machines

The particularity of these video slot machines lies in the 3D technology they incorporate. We deduce that they display excellent graphics and impressive animations. The 3D slot machines are highly immersive.

Play online slot machines

Online, slot machines are generally accessible on virtual casinos. In order to live the show they offer, you must, therefore and above all, register on a fun establishment. Then, the penguin bandits being games of money, you will need to make a deposit on your player. Finally, all you have to do is choose a title, define your bet and run the rolls by clicking on the button you need. The slot machines are purely random games that admit simple rules. So you don't need specific know-how to play, but there are some myths surrounding the games of slot.. Note, moreover, that it is possible to access the free online slot machines.

Slot machines glossary

here are some Terms and expressions belonging to the lexical field of slot machines.

Manchot bandit - Synonymous with slot machine, he originates from the fact that the mechanical slots have only one arm.

Dispersion - Often in the plural, it designates symbols that trigger a gain.

Progressive jackpot - It is a jackpot whose value increases as the players place a bet.

Joker - symbol intended to replace any other in order to form a winning combination.

Roll - device or space in which symbols are displayed.

Free - It is a rotation offered as a reward to the player when at least 3 dispersion symbols appear on the screen.

Tips to choose your slot machine

In terms of quantity, the slot machines occupy the first position, regardless of the casino. This means that the embarrassment of choice is inevitable when the time is the time to set your sights on a title. However, choosing a slot machine is far from being the sea to drink. In view of the multiple typologies of games available to you, you will have to determine upstream, which would make you most happy. Do you want to put yourself in full view and hearing? Do you prefer a retro experience? Or do you dream of winning a colossal gain? Depending on your answer, you can opt for a video slot machine, a classic or progressive slot. You can, above the market, choose your slot machine according to its redistribution rate, volatility and your budget.

The redistribution rate - It determines the value of the earnings you can get. The redistribution rate is the percentage that the casino can donate you on average in the event of a victory. Ideally, it must be more than 95%.

Volatility - It is an essential fact to take into account when making a choice of bandit to an arm. The more volatile the game, the more considerable and spaced your earnings.

Le Budget - You must have a budget to play the slot machine. The minimum bet that can vary from one game to another, you can choose according to your scholarship. If your means are limited, opt for a traditional slot machine with a single payment line. This type of slit accepts indeed, a few cents.

Important when reading slot machines

Even if chance and luck are there when it comes to slot machines, it is however necessary to master them, as well as certain small rules that will help you win the jackpot.

L’option Auto-spin As its name suggests, this is an option that allows the slot machine to start on its own. This means that you don't need to press any button to activate the machine after your bet. If you are busy, and you cannot, at any time turn the rolls, just go from manual mode to automatic mode.

L’option Bet Max - As its name suggests, this option allows you to make a maximum bet on a specific payment line, and, in the event of a victory, you can win a jackpot.

Shipping machine providers

Playson, Fugaso, Betsoft, Booongo, Wazdan, NetEnt, Microgaming… Les Game suppliers U -shaped machines swarm in the Igaming galaxy. It is thanks to the know-how of these many companies that online casinos offer their members hundreds of penguin bandits. There are developers specializing in graphics while others are illustrated in terms of themes. However, the quality of the games may differ from one supplier to another. Thus, you will find on fun establishments, slot slot less brilliant than others, in terms of animation, graphics and features. For a successful fun experience, bet on the most popular publishers. It should be mentioned in particular, MicroGaming, Nettent, Betsoft, Playson and 1x2 Gaming.

EDGE House Subs

Advantage of the house in American, House Edge is nothing other than the benefit of the casino. In other words, this is the percentage of your bet preserved by the establishment. It is deduced that house Edge is the opposite of the redistribution rate. For slot machines, the advantage of the house is around 5%.

Bonus features of virtual slot machines

These are functions bonus Specials that switch the penguin bandits. Their activation (generally automatic) can change the course of a game game. We can cite joker symbols, clusters, double -up gold gamble, real cascading, free spins, multipliers and autoplay.

Joker symbols - The best known are the Wild and Scatter symbols. When they appear on the screen, they increase the player's chances of victory.

Clusters - It is a system of payment by cluster of symbols. It is also a feature that promotes the appearance of a winning combination. There is gain clusters when the winning symbols appear next to each other.

Gamble or Double Up - This is a betting option that is part of the irregular bets. Although it is attractive, this feature can be dangerous.

Stupid cascading - meaning in American "cascade gains", this functionality is activated by the appearance of a winning combination on the rolls. It allows you to successively win several gains.

Free Spins - Those are Free rotations which arise from a bonus game during a game of slot machine.

Multipliers - These are symbols that have the effect of multiplying the player's earnings when they appear.

Autoplay - This is a feature that offers you the possibility of turning the rolls automatically.

You can also, apart from these bonus features, benefit from various promotions on a slot machine. These include free towers and bonuses on your deposits.

Play online slot machines with real money vs play for free

Like all online casino games, it is possible to play slot machines, as well with real money than in free mode. The free game offers you the opportunity to immerse in Action without investing your scholarship. As a result, it is a way for beginners to familiarize themselves with the game before betting. However, free mode excludes any possibility of winning gains. On the other hand, playing in real money is placing an bet. This game mode has the advantage of allowing you to get victories if luck smiles at you.

To take advantage of the show in paying mode, you must beforehand, supply your player by making a payment, and do not forget to read the article How to win the slot machines, he can give you some good advice to boost your earnings.

version mobile

Casinos are playable on the move today. In other words, from the screen of your mobile terminal, you can fully experience your passion for slot machines by playing Casino Mobile on line. To do this, you need a tablet or a smartphone with the iOS or Android operating system. On some establishments, penguin bandits are accessible on BlackBerry brand devices.

Strategies and tips to win

The slot machines are purely games of chance. This assumes that there is no fixed way to win. However, there are some Slote strategies and tricks likely to allow you to limit losses. Primo, before you start on a handman bandit, define your budget, knowing that you should not invest in the money games you need to pay the rent and/or pay your bills. Second, you must master your budget by favoring small bets.


Dazzling by their functionalities, their animations and their sounds, the slot machines represent the flagship entertainment of the Online casinos. There is a plurality of penguin bandits such as classic slot machines, video slot machines and progressive slot machines. Likewise, by opting for this type of casino games to entertain yourself, you can enjoy many advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play slot machines for free.

The features offered by the slots are joker symbols, cascade gains, clusters, double -up gold gamble, free spins, multipliers and autoplay.

Traditional slots have 3 or 5 rolls.

Classic penguin bandits are delivered with a payment line.

A video slot machine can contain up to 100 payment lines.