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The security of your personal data is a great concern on Thus, by strictly respecting your privacy, the site makes a commitment to ensure the protection of all your sensitive information. We therefore comply with European provisions concerning the protection of personal data (GDPR).

Obviously, respect for our commitment obliges us not to disclose the data concerned to third parties. Likewise, some departments of our company do not have access to said information. This indicates the seriousness shown by with regard to the processing of your personal data. In this article, you will read how your personal data is protected.

Mode of protection of your data

Because pirates swarm on the internet and have formidable tools to break the data protection systems,, has not skimped on the means as to the protection of your data. The site implements powerful safety mechanisms. However, the risks of insecurity are not reduced to zero. Thus, in the event of dishonest manipulation or diversion of your sensitive information, we are completely disengaging.

Like any other, the privacy policy provides you with a variety of information. This information has in particular relating to the collection strategies of your data as well as their management.

Information collection

Whenever you use the services of our site, we collect your data. This operation can be done before, during or after consumption of said services. The information thus collected is varied and includes the number of clicks made on our site, the pages consulted, the date and time of these consultations, information related to your software as well as to your computer. Other types of data can also be collected by the tools we have implemented. This is in particular information relating to IP addresses, your geolocation and the pages consulted on other sites before, during and after your connection to our site.

Apart from all this data automatically obtained by the site, we may ask you for additional information such as your telephone number as well as your electronic and physical addresses. We do not exercise any constraints for obtaining this latest information. You therefore have the freedom to provide them or do not do so. However, it should be noted that access to all the services of this information.


On, cookies are the main tools used for the collection, memorization and monitoring of your personal data. These tools are among the components of terminals such as smartphones and computers. In addition to what is previously mentioned, cookies allow you to activate new functions.

Several types of cookies are used by the site. These include cookies that are recorded for a specific time, cookies used by other sites and cookies that are deleted immediately after closing your browser.

Information management mode collected

On, your personal data is managed optimally in strict compliance with confidentiality rules. We are taking a commitment again to ensure that they are the subject of honest use. We promise you to mobilize all the means necessary to protect all the sensitive information that we have collected from you. In addition, our privacy policy requires us to communicate regularly with you, to ensure the certification of services that you use on our site while guaranteeing their performance. It is important to specify that your personal data could under certain circumstances, fall into the hands of our providers. If necessary, know that they are not threatened with diversion.

Distribution of your information

The data we have collected on your person by different means are confidential. They are therefore not, the subject of any form of distribution on our part.

Third party confidentiality policy

The provisions contained in this Privacy Policy are only applicable to the site. This assumes that they do not apply to third -party sites. Consequently, it is up to you to consult the privacy policy of other sites that may appear on

Changes in the Privacy Policy

No privacy policy is final. The same goes for this. Our privacy policy is thus, susceptible to modifications. The latter can only intervene at the discretion of the managers of the platform. To not miss anything, you are then invited to read this privacy policy.

Acceptance of this privacy policy

Reading this Privacy Policy is worth its acceptance. In other words, once you have read the arrangements, you have the obligation to respect it. By browsing and by taking advantage of the services of the site, we consider that you approve of the Privacy Policy.