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Roulette chances

The most important thing that each player must know before playing any game is to know his chances of winning. In roulette, the chances of winning depend on both the wheel (European or American) and the type of bet. In fact, it is very easy to calculate the ribs with roulette and it is still much easier with the help of our diagram that you can consult on this page. The table of chances will help you calculate your chances of winning, so you can decide with full knowledge of the bets that you can perform in different game situations.

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Here is a quick overview of what you can expect when you sit at a table online roulette.

There are three bets which reimburse the bet in a standard roulette game: red and black, peer and odd and passes or lacks. The first two are explicit - you just have to bet if the ball will land on a certain red/black number or a peer/odd. To bet on the numbers between 1 and 18 or between 19 and 36, just choose lack or pass. Note that if the ball landed on zero, you lose your bet.

For an equal bet - let's say red or black - the players win if the ball stops on one of the 18 boxes that share this color. You therefore have 18 out of 38 chances of winning, or around 47.37%. The calculation on the part of the casino is very simple, for a bet reimbursing the bet you earn in 47.37% of cases and you lose in 52.63% of cases.

The part of the casino is therefore 0.4737 -0.5263 = -.0526 (or 5.26%)

Things become a little more delicate when we talk about other bets. For example, let's say that we are betting on a single number. This bet pays 35 against 1. Our chances of earnings are reduced because we can only win if our number comes out, which means that our chance to win each turn is 1/38, or 2.63%. In addition, when we win, we earn 35 units, but when we lose, we lose a single unit.

The part of the casino is therefore (0.263 x 35) - 0.9737 = 0.0526 (or 5.26%)

Whatever the chances of roulette earnings, in the end, the part of the casino is the same. Roulette simply requires that Paris players to win.

American roulette has zero, double zero and 36 numbers. Therefore, you have 38 possible boxes on which the ball can land. When you bet on a single number, you have a chance to win on 38. Over time, you will earn once every 38 laps. Here is a table below bringing together all the probabilities of earnings.

Unique number35:12,63%
Combination of two numbers17:15,26%
Combination of three numbers1:117,89%
Combination of four numbers8:110,53%
Six numbers combination5:115,79%
Combination of 1-2-3-0-006:113,16

Please note, these are the probabilities for American roulette. The European table does not have double zero and, because of this fact, is much more advantageous for the player.

European roulette probabilities

There is no double 0 in European roulette, so players are more likely to win. For example, for each euro that you bet in European roulette, you can expect to recover 97.37% of long -term stakes (100% - 2.63%). In American roulette, the return rate is only 94.74%.

Unique number35:12,7%
Combination of two numbers17:15,4%
Combination of three numbers1:118,1%
Combination of four numbers8:110,8%
Six numbers combination5:116,2%

The bets to be avoided in this game are probably all bets with a single number and bets on 5 numbers (which you will only find on double zero wheels) because these types of bets have the greatest disparity between the real chances of gain and real earnings.

If you plan to play online roulette, stand in bets whose chances of gain are identical to loss. These bets "1: 1" include all these possibilities: peer and odd, red and black, lack (numbers 1 to 18) and pass (numbers 19 to 36).