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Online casino games

Are you a gamer looking for a fun experience that combines thrills and earnings? In the Igaming galaxy, it is difficult to find better than the Online casinos! With global popularity, casinos have millions of players widespread around the world. These are land or virtual establishments that offer the public a rich and varied range of games, bonuses and many other services aimed at meeting all the expectations of gamers. Are you tempted by an immersion in the universe of casinos? Read rather!

Play casino games in the best online casinos in 2022

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Casino games

The Casino games are games of chance and strategy that aim to allow bettors not only to be entertained, but also to earn money. These games have features thanks to which players live a brilliant experience. To play the casino, you must go to a land establishment or register on an online casino. Obviously, you have to bet before you hope to win gains.

Casino game types

The playful options accessible in a casino can be grouped in several categories. We can cite slot machines, table games and specialty games that include lottery, Sport bets, bingo, scratch, etc. If the slot machines are are games delivered with rolls that you need to activate to win, table games are, fun options based on cards that are played at a table.

Popular casino games

Casino games are multiple and diversified. In this section, we present to you those who are most popular in USA.


Considered the most exciting table game, the roulette is a 100% random play option that is built around a generally in teflon and a numbered wheel. Still called cylinder, the latter has 37 or 38 issues knowing that each number is a color box. The game consists in turning the wheel and launching it in the opposite direction of its movement, the ball. The need to predict the number on which the ball will complete its race. To this end, they have the possibility of betting on one, several numbers, the height or the parity of a number or even a box color. Appeared at the beginning of the 17th century, roulette exists today, in several variants such as American or European roulette, American roulette, English roulette, German roulette and Mexican roulette.

American or European roulette - More advantageous for players, it is distinguished by its chips with facial value and its wheel at 37 numbers including number 0. It is also played, in the presence of several deales.

American roulette - It's primitive roulette. She uses a 38 number wheel. Its particularity lies in the presence of a double zero box in addition to that of unique zero.

English roulette - From the point of view of the presentation, it is a replica of European roulette. Its specificities are in particular, the limitation of the number of players, an animation made by a single dealer and the use of a variety of token colors.

German roulette - It is the result of a merger between American roulette and English roulette. Here, players are free to choose the tokens to play. It is therefore possible that they end up with tokens of the same facial value.

Slot machines

Always in first position on casinos, in terms of quantity of offers, slot machines represent a must -see of casinos, whether terrestrial or virtual. These electronic or mechanical devices are likely to gratify the bettors of important gains. The game consists in putting the rollers in action (launch a rotation or a tour) and hoping to obtain winning combinations or more precisely, bring down identical symbols. In addition, some symbols such as Wild symbols increase your earnings when they appear a number of times. But, before playing, you must define your bet and insert parts into the machine if it is a mechanical slot machine. In addition, it is important to know the return rate proposed by your casino.

There are several variants of slot machines. These are classic slot machines, video slot machines and slot machines Progressive jackpot.

le blackjack

Initially called "21", the blackjack Which means in English "black valet", is a famous card game that was born in the 18th century. Combining chance and strategy, it involves a total of 7 players. Do you want to play blackjack? Well ! Simply note that the goal to be pursued in this game is to defeat the dealer, making sure not to exceed score 21. To succeed in this bet, you must above all be strategy. Because unlike other types of games, blackjack requires a number of skills. It should be noted that the terms "burn" or "die" are used when a player obtains a result greater than 21. To obtain a blackjack, you have to bring together an ace and a log.


Although it has already existed for at least a century, the Poker Truly revealed itself in the light of day in the 2000s thanks to cinematographic productions. Like blackjack, poker is far from a pure game of chance. This is an exciting playful option of which you cannot taste sensations without having qualities such as skill, technique, patience, intelligence and attention. For a game of poker to stand, it is generally necessary, a game of 52 cards, tokens, at least 2 players and at most 10. The purpose of this table game is to win the bets of its opponents By beating them or forcing them to abandon. To earn a game of poker, you must be the best combination of 5 cards. The The best known variants of poker Include: Stud 5 cards, Texas Hold’Em, Stud 7 cards, Omaha, the closed poker and draw.

The video poker

It is the fruit of the wedding between slot machine and poker. In other words, the Video Poker is an electronic device that allows bettors to live their passion for solo poker. Although here, the player has no opponent outside the device itself, his goal does not change. He must form a victorious combination before obtaining a gain. However, the game takes place in two cards distributions. The most talented bettors can get a jackpot by playing video poker. To do this, they must present the strongest combination which is nothing other than the Flush Royal fifth. The video poker admits many variants including Deucces Wild, Tens or Better, Jacks Or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker and All American.

Le Bakrat

Card game whose origins are not clearly established, the Baccarat Just like poker, surfing cinema to climb into the most popular casino game class. Regarding its operation, the game can be played with two paintings on which the players are distributed, the banker being the opponent to beat: it is the bank with two tables. Players can bet on one or the other or both paintings at the same time. The Punto Banco and the railway are others variants of the baccarat.

The craps

It’s a dice game around a table. For the progress of a game of craps, you need a set of craps containing 5 dice, a bucket for the launch of dice, tokens and a game carpet. The game consists of a dice throw (2). For the bettor, the objective is to predict the results of this throw. Bets are placed on these results.

in bingo

It’s a table game close to the lottery. Its particularity lies in the fact that the numbers drawn are announced as it goes in the presence of the players the notes on cards. The first to form a diagram with the drawn numbers shouts "bingo". He is the winner of the game.

Le sic bo

Like the craps, the sic bo is a dice game. However, it is different in several respects. First, the SIC Bo is played with three dice, unlike the craps. Then the game takes place in a single throw. Finally, the players, called "pundits", bet on different combinations.

Other games

Apart from the fun specialties mentioned above, some casinos offer virtual sports games (football), horse racing, keno, sports betting, scratch cards, etc. The goal is to offer the bettor the maximum number of possibilities for entertainment.

Casino game software

These are the companies that provide games to online casinos. It goes without saying that they play an essential role in terms of the quality of entertainment offered. It would therefore not be superfluous to choose an online casino that displays renowned developers such as among others, that Nettent, MicroGaming, Betsoft, Play’n’Go, Evolution Gaming or Rival. The presence of these Game suppliers Guarantees to bettors a higher level show. Because their playful creations stand out by the quality of their graphics, the fluidity of their gameplay and their exceptional features.

Live casino gaming

The live casino, since that's what it is, is an entertainment option offered by game sites and offers players the opportunity to live their passion for table games in the conditions of a land casino . In other words, they benefit from live streaming and can interact with the croupiers. It is impossible to miss an action of a game game when playing live casino.

House Edge

House Edge must simply be understood as the benefit of the casino. This benefit is defined for each type of game offered. For example, in general, the Blackjack house Edge is 0.5%, that of American roulette 5.26%while that of slot machines varies between 2 and 15%. Obviously, the lower the house Edge, the more important your earnings will be.

Free games and real money games

In a casino, games are free when it is possible to play without making a bet. The advantage of these games is to allow players to train before moving on to the bet. They therefore did not bother any gain for the player. However, games in Real money its those who require an investment. By betting before playing, you give yourself the opportunity to get earnings if you are a tellard and if you are talented with regard to certain table games. Playing in real money is therefore clearly the best option.

Mobile games

Playing on your phone, tablet or other mobile devices is today a planetary habit: it's the game on the go. This is possible thanks to the applications of casinos and the version Casino Mobile of their sites. It should be noted that this game mode offers bettors two possibilities: playing directly on the site or making a download beforehand.

Advantages to play online casino games

Choosing an online casino to escape has many advantages.

Possibility to play for free - Online casinos are for -profit establishments. But that does not prevent them from making some games for free playable.

Play - The advent of the game on the move to revolutionize the online gambling sector. Thus, it is possible, when you are a member of a virtual casino, to immerse in action wherever you are. Just connect to your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.

bonus - The bonus represent one of the greatest advantages offered by online casinos. By choosing to play in a virtual establishment, you can benefit from many bonuses whose Welcome Bonus, the loyalty bonus, the cashback bonus and the encouragement bonus.

How to choose a good online casino game

Here are some points to take into account to choose the right online casino game.

The simplicity of the rules - To spend a pleasant moment on a casino, it is best to opt for games admitting simple rules.

The size of the advantage of the house -As we have specified above, the less the house Edge is high, the more the establishment pays. The size of the advantage of the house is therefore an element to take into account when choosing your game.

Potential gain - Obviously, we play to earn money and if possible earn big. You must therefore see the potential gain offered by the casino before making a game choice.

The skills to have -If some casino games require no particular skills, others require some know-how. For the latter, it is better to have the baggage that you need before choosing.

The abusing game - To play for fun, you should not neglect fun games.


Online casinos have characteristics that make it a serious option for any individual who wishes to escape by playing and betting in optimal conditions. The quality and abundance of games, bonuses and the possibility of playing on the go are all key points that cannot go unnoticed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, online casinos have free games.

Yes, casino games are fair.

Yes, this is possible thanks to the mobile applications of the casinos or the mobile version of their site.

The most popular casino games are slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

Yes, this is possible thanks to the live casino.

These are roulette, slot machines, craps and bingo.

These are poker, blackjack, baccarat and video poker.