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Everything about the Caribbean poker

Caribbean poker, a new game that is full in online casinos. This game has the ability to save you money and have a good time away from stress. We present here the new jewel that makes the buzz in both physical casinos and online casinos: the Haras of the Caribbean. Everything you need to know about this game is available in this article that we invite you to read with great attention.

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Caribbean poker What is it?

Still called the Caribbean poker or Caribbean Stud, The Haras of the Caribbean was announced and practiced for the first time in the 1980s on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean. He quickly spread and knew how to impose himself in the casino games Thanks to the simplicity of its rules and the ease of gain. Another character of the expansion of the Caribbean poker is the fact that one can play without much knowledge. The dealer has at his disposal a set of fifty-two cards as for most card games. It will remind you of the rules of the game to make your task easier.

Caribbean Stud Poker en ligne

If there are already online casinos, this feature must absolutely be updated with new appearances. This is how the popular game of the Caribbean poker has migrated on the web, for initially bringing it closer to the amateurs who are far from the casinos and in a second step, to extend its community. Now, whatever your position, you just have to have a terminal connected to the Internet to play the Caribbean poker. All the realities of the game available in physical casinos are present in the electronic version.

Caribbean poker glossary

Discover here some vocabularies specific to casino games.

Poker - Card game in which each player has five cards in hand. To win, the player must form the best combination of five cards possible, according to the hierarchy of the hands.

CroPArs - Person who holds the game. The dealer takes care of directing the game, picking up the money and paying in a casino;

And here are some hands -on rankings that are similar to poker hands standard:

Pair - These are two similar cards held by a player in a card game (a pair of ace or king)

Brelan - Set of three cards of the same value in a card game. In the event that two or more players have a broken, the one with the greatest value wins. However, a valet brelanh has the greatest value in a game and is called the favorite.

Quinte - This is an uninterrupted suite of five cards of the same color.

Color - in poker, the color or the flush designates a hand containing five cards of the same color.

Full - Combination of five cards that bring together a bank and a pair

Carré – Association of four similar cards

QuinteFlush - hand which consists of a fifth and a flush

QuinteRoyale - This is the strongest hand in poker; It consists of a flush fifth from an ace (AS, king, lady, valet, ten of the same color). It is also called quinte Flush royal or royal suite).

The rules for playing at the Caribbean Stud

The rules are very simple and very easy to follow. All gathered around a table led by the Croupier, players must place their first issue called Ante. And let's go for a challenge with the dealer. From the outset, and when the bets are made, the dealer serves the players five cards whose last is revealed and visible to all. In turn, the dealer also offers five cards exactly under the same conditions as the other players. Each players can then personally challenge the dealer. For the player, the game consists in guessing if his hand will be higher than that of the dealer. At this point, the player can decide to abandon, follow or double his issue, as the game evolves. At the end of the game, it is the one whose hand is superior wins the victory. In case of equality, the player recovers his ante.

Advice and strategies

Like any other casino game that has done and continues to make players on the beautiful day, game strategies are designed from game experiences. Here are some.

  • Whatever the value of a pair, do not hesitate to raise it;
  • A weak hand should never be lifted;
  • Relaunch the game if the dealer has a card between 2 and the queen which corresponds to one of your cards;
  • You also have to restart if you have a queen or a valet and dealer an ace or a king.

If your fourth highest card is higher than the card released by the dealer, restart.

Progressive jackpot

This is a way that allows the player to win a huge kitty if at the start he chooses this option by paying for an additional bet. The kitty therefore increases each time the player performs a specific bet. Excellent way to increase your gain, the Progressive jackpot is still a great risk when you go without paying attention. To win this jackpot, just have a royal fifth, which is the strongest hand. But what makes the game interesting is that you can win the progressive jackpot by composing only a color or a full.

Popular strategies

When do you have to follow or fold the game? - Following the game means that you accept to continue with the next round by making an equal bet for the previous one. If a player is unable to continue, he can go to bed or pass or bend by abandoning. He loses all his advantages and cards are deposited in the middle of the table faces hidden.

Can we bluff in the game? - bluffing is a way to deceive the vigilance of other players. They will have to be made to believe that you have a stronger hand than theirs to mislead them. Bluffing is also making the opponent believe that you cannot afford to win while having a hand. The latter is strongly recommended if you want to bluff.


Caribbean Poker is a super interesting game for beginners or amateurs, even if you do not know the poker original, it is always easy to learn. If you want to get started, choose a renowned American online casino which offers the different variants of this game not only in real money but also for free. It’s a way of learning and understanding the rules without risking losing your money.

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