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All about Keno

Behind the leading casino games such as slot machines and table games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and video poker, are other types of fun options that are not missing No popularity. Among these is Keno. 100% accident -based and available on most establishments, this online casino game is a form of lottery which consists of betting on numbers. The goal is to get the maximum number of winning numbers. So what is the origin of Keno? What are the rules? What are the strategies to be implemented to win? This article intends to make you discover Keno in all its aspects. Read rather!

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Why is the hysteri

Keno appeared in China, between 205 and 187 BCE. At that time, this game was invented by Emperor Cheung Leung in order to mobilize funds to finance the Chinese armies. But, over the centuries, the keno will be used for other purposes. In the 10th century, this game was thus used on an educational level, as part of learning literature and alphabet. Nine centuries later, Keno was played by Chinese immigrants on a construction site for railways in the United States. Regarding the part of the parties, it was simply a question of selecting a given number of numbers and hoping that these are part of the results of the draw which will be done later.

In the 1930s, due to the hostility manifested by the American authorities against games of chance, we witness the invention of a new version of Keno's game by the Chinese. Called Keno Race, this variant works like horse racing. Widely adopted by the Americans, it is distinguished by the replacement of numbers with fictitious horses. Keno race will, however, experience some changes before being legalized in 1931.

How to play Keno

Like roulette and slot machines, Keno is a simple casino game. However, the rules vary depending on whether you are in a land establishment or on a virtual platform.

The classic version of Keno

As indicated above, Keno is to bet on winning numbers. To do this, in a land establishment like an agency of the American Games (FDJ), you must have, above all, a ticket or a grid. This object is numbered from 1 to 80. Once you have obtained it, select between 4 and 10 numbers on which to bet. After that, all you have to do is register your ticket and patiently wait for the print of winning numbers. Admittedly, by checking a lot of numbers, you increase your chances of winning a gain. However, the more you have any selected numbers, the lower the value of your gain. Note that during the draw, 20 numbers are fired by a machine.

Online Keno

Keno game rules in a virtual casino different from those linked to land establishments. Online, you will be entitled, in fact, to a virtual ticket. To get it, simply click using your keyboard mouse if you play on a computer or your finger in case your terminal is mobile. The same goes for the selection of winning numbers. Online tickets also contain 80 numbers. However, unlike the classic Keno rule, here you can choose up to 20 winning numbers.

An "multiplier" option exists, over the market, in Keno to boost your gain. It is a coefficient varying between X2 and X10, chosen at random which applies to the value of your gain. To activate this possibility, you must double your bet.

By playing Keno in a Online casino, you can also benefit from a gameplay of a satisfactory level.

Keno glossary

Like all the typologies of Casino games, Keno has its own jargon. Here are some terms and expressions.

Bankroll - Budget reserved by a player for money games.

Balls - Small white -colored balls used in Keno for the print of winning numbers.

Caller - Casino agent who takes care of the announcement of winning numbers during a particular draw.

Close - Space of time between a draw and the moment when the casino stops taking bets for this draw.

Flashboard - Electronic board that displays winning numbers. Today, the television screens are used for this purpose.

Hit - Term used when a number chosen by a player on a ticket is one of the results of the Tour of Keno.

King - Number surrounded on a ticket. It can be used to complete a path on a combined ticket or a bet.

Push - Term used when a player's gain is equal to his initial bet.

Spot - Set of the numbers selected on a ticket.

Way Ticket - Ticket to make several bets.

Keno game tips and game strategies

Keno is purely a game of chance. However, by implementing certain strategies or tricks, it is possible to reduce the probability of recording a loss.

Manage your bankroll as a pro

Bankroll management is essential not only, to play Keno, but also, to win. In order not to record large losses, it is recommended to be caution and rationality when placing the bets. Clearly, favor small or medium value bets.

Bet on 8 numbers to the maximum

You have learned that the number of winning numbers selected influences the value of the earnings. In order not to chain the small victories when lucky has smiled at you, you must necessarily limit the number of numbers on which to bet. Ideally, do not exceed 8.

Playing in an establishment among the most generous in terms of payment

Playful establishments do not offer the same payments to players. Thus, in order to increase your chances of winning considerable gains, it would not be superfluous to orient you towards the best online casinos. These are the ones who offer the best payments. To this end, check the payments of payments carefully before registering in a casino.

Steps to follow to play Keno online

Apart from the rules and tips that must be controlled, to immerse in the action of Keno in the best conditions, there are some prerequisites to follow.

How to choose where to play

The choice of the establishment is essential. Ideally, to play Keno, you have to opt for a casino that offers popular variants with attractive payments. Also check, if the casino has a license to operate and implements safety mechanisms to ensure the protection of your personal and banking data. These checks will allow you to ensure the reliability and safety of the site.


The bonus are at the heart of any fun experience. They must therefore be part of your concerns. Most online gaming rooms display attractive bonuses to color the play career of their members and retain them. You must consult the bonus grid offered by the establishments and choose the most offering.

Payment options

The Payment options are essential in the sense that they will allow you to carry out bank transactions. What are the tools offered by the casino? Are they accessible for you? Are they security guarantees? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself, upstream.

Types of good software developers games

The Game suppliers play an important role in the quality of your entertainment. So opt for titles offered by renowned developers.


Exciting and popular, Keno is a casino game that does not require any particular skills. To play it, you only have to select numbers from 80 possibilities. You win when after a draw, your choices appear in the results. However, the rules of the game vary from one type of establishment to another (terrestrial or virtual). Although Keno is a game of chance, you can apply certain tips to increase your chances of winning.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can bet on 10 numbers in a terrestrial casino and up to 20 numbers in a virtual establishment.

The number of numbers drawn in a Keno tour is 20.

To increase your chances of winning in Keno, you must control your bankroll, do not bet on more than 8 numbers and play in one of the most generous in terms of payment.

Yes, you have to choose your casino to play Keno.