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Online casinos are legion on the canvas. There are many that use attractions such as without deposit bonuses, or staggering bonuses to seduce players and push them to register. Unfortunately, do not always believe what you read on the web; Many players were mistaken and have lost their money in miserable casinos on blacklist, you must be very careful about the real money games. Rest assured, it is possible to separate the good grain from the tares. We explain how to do it.

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Why are some casinos are blacklisted?

You will understand or you have already noticed it, there are online casinos which are purely and simply prohibited in certain countries. This is due to the fact that they do not comply with certain rules established by organizations for controlling and regulating online games.

The most frequently raped rules in blacklisted casinos

Control organizations publish a number of rules that online casinos must respect under penalty of being sanctioned. Among them, there are some on which regulators are uncompromising. Discover them without further delay.

The non-payment of gains

The biggest problem encountered by players on blacklisted casinos is the non-payment of their earnings.

In some cases, casinos voluntarily slow down the payment procedure to push players to abandon. In other cases, there is no payment on the pretext of fanciful reasons. The third and last case which is the most serious is when the casinos face a little too insistent players and close their accounts overnight.

Non-food games in blacklisted casinos

The basic principle of Casino games is that they must be completely random and equitable, and therefore not rigged. This allows all players to have the same chances of victory. Outside, it turns out that fraudulent casinos do not respect this principle. They traffic their games (casters, slot machines ...) so that they are to the advantage of the house. Thus, the players will spend their time betting and wasting (or winning very little).

Unrealistic bonus offers

Fraudulent online casinos often use enormous bonus offers to attract new members, but the fact is that they do not intend to pay real money, some of these promotional offers have conditions for Almost impossible, which can also be modified after your registration.

Customer support is not useful

Customer support in all legitimate online casinos should operate 24 hours a day, and there should be several ways to reach them, such as live cats, telephone and email, and the response rate and quality should also be good. Unfortunately, in some cases, customer support does not work as it should, sometimes it is inaccessible, takes a long time to respond or the answer is not at all useful.

Casino Das Casinos Blacklist bonuses

It is a common practice in blacklist casinos. They offer incredible bonus To the players, but always manage to cheat with the conditions of bets when it is necessary to pay them. More concretely, here is how they operate:

Highly high stake conditions

Online gaming sites are experts to bait customers with promotions and bonuses. The problem that arises is that the latter do not bother to read the conditions of bets associated with these bonuses. Often, casinos are shimmering astronomical sums, but reading the conditions to be fulfilled to pocket these bonuses, there is something to be disgusted.

Change in stake conditions

As we said earlier, it is important and even essential to read the conditions of bets before doing your deposits or not. Even when you do, it is not a guarantee with fraudulent casinos. The latter have the habit of modifying these conditions when they realize that the players are winning. The goal is clear: they should not take their earnings.

Now that you know what characterizes fraudulent casinos, we invite you to discover how to spot them.

How to spot a dangerous casino?

There are criteria that allow good online casinos to stand out from bad. Knowledge of these evaluation criteria is essential to avoid getting ripped off. It is true that you can consult the Blacklist which are regularly updated, but you can also do your own analysis through certain specific criteria.

Be careful paying particular attention to the information provided by the casino in question.

Information on the page ʺ About us

All casinos have a certain legal and/or legal obligation to provide the minimum information about them. This is the reason to exist in the section ʺ About us’ʺ. You will find a certain number of information there, but those which must particularly hold your attention are the license and the game developers.


This is the first element you need to search when you come across an online casino. Does he have a game license? If so, then you can be sure that you have to do a serious site, which is necessarily controlled by regulatory organizations such as ARJL. If necessary, do not venture to register.

Renowned game suppliers

The quality of an online casino is largely based on that of its games. The best game suppliers are only associated with safe and reliable casinos. Therefore, by analyzing your analysis, take the trouble to take a look at the developers present on the casino. You should find names such as MicroGaming, Playtech or Evolution Gaming to name a few.

In addition to these criteria, you can also browse the web and search for ʺThe reviews. These are good indicators to appreciate the sincerity of an online casino. Players who have already tested the sites leave their opinions positive or negative, with the prevailing explanations. Several negative opinions on a casino necessarily prove that it is not trustworthy.


Made at the end of this article, you are now better built on the blocking of certain online casinos and the reasons for this situation. These are casinos who have gone masters in the extortion of gains via non-compliance with their commitments. You were able to discover in a concrete way how they operate to abuse players. It was also important for us to show you How to recognize a reliable casino In order to no longer be ripped off. So you can now play with serenity.

Frequently Asked Questions

No and no! Blacklist casinos are illegal, and therefore, are not allowed to have legal and recognized licenses.

Yes, this is one of the specialties of these casinos.

The regulators regularly publish their black lists, which they make available to the public. You can take a look.

Among the many fraudulent online casinos that exist, some have indeed been closed while others continue their activities.

Yes, all countries have black lists of online casinos to avoid absolutely.